Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

This has probably been Michael's favorite song for most of his life. He gets a little goofy singing it for the camera.
By the way, I hate to bail out on goals, but I think my blog-a-day for a month is kinda stupid and I'll probably bail out soon. Let's call it re-evaluation rather than quitting.

Amy Lovell  – (2:45 PM)  

You're blog post a day is NOT dumb, don't be a quitter! :) So, how many times has Michael asked to watch this video of him? Oh man, that boy cracks me up!

AJ Candrian  – (3:09 PM)  

Ah man...I'm loving this "blog a day" thing. Seriously... it has provided me with so much entertainment.

Joy  – (5:00 PM)  

Ditto...since I couldn't come with Mike, it's made me feel like I wasn't missing out - as much as I really know I missed out.

Brittany  – (5:03 PM)  

Don't quite. I was actually really liking your blog a day thing. I will have to try it sometime. But a blog a week would be good for me.

Brittany  – (8:32 AM)  

I meant don't QUIT. Anyway, I just had to leave another comment that James and I just watched that 5 times because it made James so excited to see Michael. We'll have to skype soon.

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