Jake is One!

Here are some tidbits about our family's favorite little guy:

Favorite thing to say: Uh-oh! He says it all day long. There have been many times when he has said other words, understandably enough in context, and then just never says it again. Probably because they are just not as much fun to say as uh-oh.
 He likes to climb under our bar height dining chairs, and then he gets stuck and angry. Our chairs are like the baby equivalent of a chinese finger trap. For a couple months this seemed to be happening several times a day, just kept accidentally trapping himself up under there.

He's a climber. He can already get himself up on the couch, which is worrisome because he has gotten himself up when I wasn't watching and then fallen off.
Generally, he is really a careful kid.
But not timid. We have a big swing hanging from our tall oak tree, and he likes to go as high as we can get him. He also likes to chase the vacuum. It's pretty cute and funny. He dances when it turns on, as if it is music, and then crawls around after it like a curious cat.

 He likes loud noise in general. He bounces up and down when I turn on the blender.

When he started walking, he was not timid about it at all. Once he took his first step, he just wanted to keep trying all the time. He was terrible at first but the falling never intimidated him. He just wobbled around like a drunken sailor, falling and getting back up over and over again, totally undeterred.

Weaning him was not an easy process...but now a couple weeks after his first birthday I'm finally on the last leg of that. Jake was really slow to take to solids, just like his siblings, and he would not eat anything until he was about 10.5 months old, and even then not much. And I'm pretty sure I tried everything because I was definitely ready to wean, but he only wanted to nurse. He didn't really start eating decently until a couple weeks before his first birthday. The perfect highlight was how he even rejected eating his birthday cake. Just pushed it away! On the other hand, he loves to eat leaves (oak leaves are his leaf of choice), and this week he sampled mud. It came as no surprise to find out he is now at the 10th percentile for weight. 

He has an underbite that is totally adorable when he grins. Hopefully it goes away before the dental factor outweighs the adorable factor.

Michael prays every night in thanks for his "cute adorable buddy Jake". Everyday he wants to sort of wrestle with Jake, which doesn't work out too well and I'm always having to intervene in his "over-loving". 
Ella got to him
Ella is often entertaining Jake and sometimes likes to dress him up. We all adore him. 

He is a terrible sleeper. The worst of our kids, hands down, and it's not like there was a very high bar set by his siblings. I feel like his poor sleep is sort of just a reflection of the crazy year...we skipped all over the place, all over different time zones, all over different homes and hotels, and picked up all sorts of different bugs. It hasn't equated well for his sleep. At least I'll blame it on that in hopes that one of these days he will realize that he is at home, secure in his own bed, he is not sick, he is no longer going to get nursed at night, and he will sleep. Glorious sleep. Wow, that sounds beautiful. Tell me more!

He has asthma. He has to get a nebulizer treatment everyday as a preventative treatment for when he gets colds that are havoc for his lungs. And he has had a LOT of colds. Asthma runs in my family and I grew up sharing a bed with my sister who was always getting asthma attacks in her sleep. Some were bad enough to send her to the ER room in the middle of the night - which makes it seem more frightening to me when Jake sounds even slightly wheezy at night. Thankfully Rob does not have the same fright of it so I think together we make a good team. And my sister has been a wonderful resource for him!

Jake hated his first couple nebulizer treatments (you have to keep a mask over the face for 5 - 10 minutes that vaporizes the medicine), but ever since then he has been a total champ...I might even say he likes them. It just highlights what a good-natured, easy-going boy he is. Although I will be happy when I don't have to do this chore anymore, one blessing is how every day it causes us to carve out special time just for Jake.

He loves to be outdoors and gets pretty stoked about trees. 

Ella got to him


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