Desert Camping

We recently went camping in the desert of southern Israel, in Mitzpe Ramon. A friend organized a fantastic trip for a big group and that made it a lot of fun. I'm not sure if I ever would have gotten around to planning something like this on my own, particularly with our kids as young as they are. But with this big group it was an awesome adventure. It was a very mixed international group, and that added to the spice of the trip.

Here is Rob. We went repelling on the Ramon Crater.
We visited an alpaca farm and the kids rode and fed the llamas. They were so hands-off here and just let me take the llama around where ever while Michael rode.

Love. The kids loooooooved camping. Boy did it take forever to get them to go to sleep at night!

I think the kids thought the tent was a bounce house. They thought sleeping in it was pretty awesome...for the few hours that they actually slept.
We camped at a Bedouin campsite. Most slept in this sort of permanent Bedouin tent behind us.

Lunch at The Desert Shade, what a cool place to eat!


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