Big 36 Year Old

The only thing that makes me happier than Ella's pictures is her notes. She doesn't entirely understand why I have this on the wall with the writing face up instead of the lovely picture, but it makes me happy every time I see it, to think that I am her big 36 year old girl. 
 I am feeling all grown up with this apple watch I got for my birthday. Was pretty stoked to discover I could take an infinity picture with it combined with my phone. Love. Thirty six fits me nicely.


Journey Down Under

It's been nearly a month since we've gotten to Australia and I'm just now getting to the point that I'm not so fried at the end of the day that I want to do something non-essential, like start my blog up again.
Starting at the beginning of our journey - literally, our journey here. Getting to Australia is no joke. Not to scare anyone off from coming to visit us - it's totally worth it - but here are some numbers:
5:00 pm Saturday - leave for airport
2:00 pm Monday - arrive at hotel in Canberra
16 hours time zone change
29 hours of journey, door to door
3 flights
1 hour at Urgent Care getting diagnosed with strep throat only 1 hour before our journey
3 car seats + 5 backpacks + 7 suitcases + 1 stroller + 3 children + 1 sick adult + 1 healthy adult = NOT a vacation
3 hours of hiding Jake discreetly under a blob of jackets while he slept on the floor before the flight attendants tsk-tsked me and forced us into less comfortable sleeping arrangements
1 missed flight in Sydney
1 time walking away into a corner so that I didn't lose it at my kids or break down crying during the super long and stressful layover in Sydney due to our missed flight and ridiculously long, slow lines
5 Candrians super duper happy to finally arrive in Canberra to start their new adventures!!!


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