Frozen Peas

Ella grabbed a bag of peas out of the freezer drawer that I didn't think she could reach. You would have thought she broke open a pinata, the way they flung all over, the way Smalls came running, and the way their faces lit up as they gobbled them up right off the ground.

Smalls has not been interested in peas for months, so yay! He shared some with me and they were really good, tasting more like a fresh pea from the garden than the way I am used to cooked peas. Who knew? Probably everyone but me.


Living Room/Bathroom

Michael watched an episode of Diego today, and this was the scene I returned to when I got out of the shower. He is such a guy. He dragged the potty in to the living room so that he wouldn't miss any of his precious Diego time while doing business. I know I'm sort of a t.v. nazi (he generally gets to watch one or two shows per week), but this really highlighted the fact and made me wonder if I need to lighten up on regulations around here.


Colored Michaels

That is what Michael calls the photobooth app on the computer.  Basically, he could sit and take pictures of himself for HOURS, if we let him.  One day, I think he took over 80 pictures.  He has recently figured out how to take videos, which are pretty funny too.  As you can see, some of the pictures are in crazy colors, hence his name for it:  Colored Michaels.  These are some of our favorites:

my favorite

2nd place

Michael's second favorite thing is the "Songify" app, where he can record himself, and then it gets played back in autotune.   I'd post his latest creation (which is awesome) but I don't know how to post a song to blogger.  Sorry.


Meeting Hillary Rodham Clinton

Secretary of State Clinton visited Sweden on Saturday and Sunday.  This was the first visit to Sweden by a U.S. Secretary of State in 35 years.  Needless to say, that made for a busy weekend at work.  The rest of the family was able to join in the "fun" when the Ambassador invited all of the Embassy families over to his house for a small reception with the Secretary on Sunday.  She took a picture with all the kids.  As you can see, Michael was super interested.  Ella was also on her best behavior (she is in the far right).  The last picture is my favorite.  We also taught Michael to be super pretentious and only say her entire name - so if you asked him who was visiting, he would say "Hillary Rodham Clinton."  When she was shaking hands with everyone and came over to shake his hand, he said "Hi, Hillary Rodham Clinton."  She laughed.  Thus upholding an important Candrian male tradition of making important people laugh when you meet them.

On the drive home, Michael told us "Hillary Rodham Clinton stole my juice. She put it on her stand. She should give it back."  

Michael is in the blue shirt (front-left) acting like a monkey. Ella is in a red dress (back right corner) waving her hands in the air.

Hillary stopped to chat with Ella, who totally didn't care at all.

Lorena and Ella are the extras in back.


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