The News:

My random thoughts from the news today (and because, since Lorena hasn't raced for a while, we don't get as many posts as we used to!)

1. I hate, hate, hate, hate, fake apologies, whether it is by athletes or politicians. One day I want someone to just say, "I'm sorry I got caught, but that's about it." A-Rod: you are a big, fat, huge liar. You aren't sorry you took steroids, you are only sorry you got caught. Just say it, and I would respect you a lot more. At least my man Barry hasn't issued a stupid, disingenuous apology. He was just taking flax seed oil, so no need to apologize for that anyway :)

2. There are reasons that we all don't own Chimpanzees. I mean, if we could train them to do really cool tasks, and IT WAS SAFE, we would all have a chimp wearing a tuxedo and acting as a butler. But they AREN'T SAFE. They are APES! I do feel bad for the lady who was attacked, but are you kidding me? There was an ape in the house! And you were serving your Chimp wine and xanax? If you need to get your chimp drunk and sedate him for the party, that might be a clue that something is not right here. Not to mention that the Chimp was (I say was since, he has now sadly departed us) only 14, so he is under the legal drinking age. The lesson here, don't serve alcohol to minors.

3. I am 100% against the new government bail-out, but I do find it comical that the Republican party (a party which voted for the initial bail-out back in the Fall) now thinks that it is against its' parties ideals to vote for the bill. Why didn't you vote against the first one? You don't just get to ignore your principles the first time, and then claim them the second time. That makes you a hypocrite. I know the second bill was insanely ginormous, but its still the same thing. Giving government money away to try and "stimulate the economy." Stupid. If Republicans are wondering why they lost the last election and are losing popularity (among many, many reasons, but I think this is a big one) is the fact that they were supposed to be for small government, but instead government grew ALOT during the Bush years. And then they vote for one bail-out, but not another. Way to take a principled stand. At least the Democrats are acting as we would expect Democrats to act once they take office.

4. In case any of you failed to watch the U.S. - Mexico game, all I have to say is "dos a cero."


USA v. Mexico

Tonight, 7 p.m. (eastern)
This time it counts (world cup qualifier)



The Grammys

So Lorena and I are watching the Grammys, and Kid Rock is preforming, which begs the question: Who listens to Kid Rock? Seriously? We saw him and we changed the channel and started watching Teen Wolf. Kid Rock? How does this guy make money and show up on the Grammys? Do any of you out there in Internetland own a Kid Rock album? Have you ever met anyone who does? I mean this could be a deal breaker: you meet someone and they own a Kid Rock album. Would you really want this person in your life?


Nothing good happens after midnight.

If anyone was wondering how I get prepared for the two weeks of working the night shift, here ya go:
1. Sunday before the night shift starts (they always start on a monday night, so that leaves me with almost all of monday free, except it isn't free because you know you will be suffering for the next two weeks) try to stay up late. This means I usually go to bed around 2am. It also means that I usually end up watching the same version of sports center two or three times because there really isn't anything on T.V. at midnight on a Sunday, and I already read all the news I could handle on the internet during the day.
2. Monday morning: Stay asleep, or at least try.
3. Monday afternoon: Wake up around noon. Eat breakfast. Lounge around the house doing random chores, i.e. dishes, laundry etc. Today I paid taxes. We owe again this year. Rats. Surf the internet. Wait until Lorena gets home.
4. Monday evening: Lorena gets home. Go to the gym. Work out, but not too hard because I don't want to be totally dead at 6a.m. when I am still awake, wishing I was asleep.
5. Monday 9:00ish (pm): realize that I have to leave for work in about 15 mins. Happiest realization of the week.
6. Monday 9:15ish (pm): get in the car to drive to work. Luckily we get designated parking, so I don't have to take metro. I guess that is the one plus.
7. Monday 9:45ish (pm): Get to work. Yeah, 12 hours of fun.
8. Tuesday 01:00ish: Eat dinner/lunch/midnight snack?
9. Tuesday 04:00: Half way there! Yes.
10. Tuesday 05:00ish: eat something breakfast/dinner/lunch? I'm so confused.
11. Tuesday 06:00ish: dooze off for the first time. Wake up and see if anyone noticed.
12. Tuesday 07:00: dooze off for the second time. Someone probably noticed.
13. Tuesday 09:00: Starting looking at the door, hoping that my replacement comes in a bit early so I can leave.
14. Tuesday 09:45ish: Replacement shows up. Run away as fast as possible!
15. Tuesday 10:15ish: Get home, eat breakfast. Take advil p.m.
16. Tuesday 11:00ish: fall asleep. Hope I sleep until at least six.
17. Tuesday 05:30ish: wake up. Be annoyed that I can't sleep any longer.
18. Go back to step 5. Repeat.


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