Settling the debate:

So everyone (and when I say everyone I mean millions of people) have been debating: Who does Michael look like?

Judge for yourself.

Hint: one is me on the day I was blessed and one is Michael.


My Favorite Pictures of my Favorite Little Guy (and why)
1. He has a beautiful smile that he doles out generously. Especially during diaper changes. I end up spending a LOT of time with him on the changing table for this reason.
2. He's our "Gamla Gubber" (our swedish nickname for him that means "old man"). He looks pretty geriatric in his pants pulled up to his armpits and his big ole' diaper bum. Cracks me up every time.
3. Is it bad that we get such a kick out of his pouty face? And that this might be my favorite pic? Come on, it's too funny!
4. Another cute smile.
5. Another "Gamla Gubber" photo. Is it just me, or does it look like his body goes from bum to feet, completely bypassing any legs? Our Biggie Smalls is putting on some pounds.


Sorry for the delay.

We had to search through a bunch of stuff to find the battery charger for our digital camera. Here are some more pictures of Michael, who is getting fatter and fatter. He has gained two pounds in this three weeks of life. At this rate, by the age of three and a half he will outweigh Lorena and by the age of five he will outweigh me.

Besides taking care of Michael, not a lot has been going on. He is like a black hole of stealing our time!

All captions are what Michael would say, if he could talk instead of cry...

This is me being an insomniac and my Dad trying to keep me entertained by taking photo booth pictures of us with his computer.

Awesome hat: check
Sweet socks: check
stylish diaper: check
shirt from my mom's bike team: check
Looks like I'm ready for a walk.

Don't be so dismissive of my arguments just because I'm young: What I'm saying is that string theory does have a place in a post-modern liberalist society, but not in the realm of quantum mechanics as applied to free-market conservatism. Are you listening to anything I'm saying?


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