Bailout part deux

I'm just wondering, but did the railroads, wagon makers, steam ship builders, and purveryors of old-timey penny farthing bikes ask for a bailout when it became painfully obvious that they were making a product whose time had passed? I know the rail-roads employed a lot of people back in the day, but I don't think they asked for a bailout when Mr. Ford's model T started rolling around. So congratulations GM, Ford, and Chrysler. No one likes your cars, most of them are ugly and have crap reliability, and people in So Cal definitely need more hummers (no jokes please), so I definetly think the government should give you money to keep building more. And please, don't just build more cars, build biggers ones. And guarantee lots of big benefits to the Unions! Hooray Unions! (and now some guy with a pseudo-italian accent is going to come knock on my door and I may never post again)

Also, wasn't it just a few weeks ago that we were told if we didn't give the financial industry an astronical sum, we would all spontaneously combust, or have some similar horrendous fate befall the free world. And it had to be given immediately. No waiting, no questions asked. Well, they are still trying to figure out what to do with the money, and we are all still here. So, keep that in mind when they discuss how GM has to have money - NOW!

And if anyone hasn't heard the rumors, this lady might be my new boss... So I got that going for me, which is nice.

P.S. If anyone out there is thinking: "Oh, Rob just complains about problems, he doesn't offer any solutions." You are wrong, I have tons of good ideas. Just wait until the Candrian 2032 campaign starts rolling...


President Obama

I really liked this article from the London Times: "Calm down! He's not President of the World"
Many people have high hopes for our President. I wonder how realistic they are? If he lives up to half of the expectations that people around the world have, then I will be very impressed.

In my final election commentary (I know, there was so much!) big props to Alaska for re-electing a recently convicted FELON! You Alaskans are either very forgiving (and quick about forgiving, too) or you might not have the best political judgment...



Red, Blue, White, Green, Yellow, Orange, whatever color you are for, go vote. If you don't vote you have no right to complain about our government. And if your chosen candidate happens to lose, don't fret. Campaigning for 2012 will probably start in about two weeks, so you can just find another person to get excited about. After all, what would the TV news stations have to report on if there wasn't an impending election?


pre-concert smirk...(that is a toothpick in my mouth in case anyone is wondering)


Lorena and I spent All Hallows Eve at the Coldplay concert. They rocked. Here was the setlist.
Before the show we went and had dinner at Zatinya. It was really good. So, great concert, good food, but no trick-or-treating candy for us. That's okay, we still had fun. My favorite song off the new album is "42" and Lorena's is "Strawberry Swing" both of which were played at the concert. I also really dig "Death and all his friends." The grande finale was "Yellow" which is still my all-time favorite, and also the first Coldplay song I heard. This was actually the first concert that we have been to since moving to D.C. How pathetic! We are old. Either that or we just waste our money on other things (i.e. broken carbon fiber bikes, Roth IRA's, vacations, and other things that that will only leave us with memories).

Here is a small snippet of what the concert was like. Sorry I didn't record the whole song, but I wanted to rock out with Lorena for the second guitar change (which is my favorite part.) If Coldplay is coming to your town, and you aren't too cool to admit that they are an awesome band, then I would recommend going.

Anyway, that was our halloween, although Lorena did revive her infamous "Ms. Washington County" outfit for school. I spent most of the day sleeping, since I had worked all night. No costume for me. But whatever - if I'm not getting free candy then I don't want to dress up anyway.

p.s. Please, no comments about my lack of cinematic ability. I'm well aware!


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