Hockey Tourny

Rob is lucky now and then when his work is to play. Today his job was a diplomatic hockey tournament between the embassies of USA, Sweden, Finland, Russia, and Canada. I find it kind of ironic to pick a game as rough as hockey to build diplomatic relations, but I guess everyone is probably just stocked to get to do something fun rather than the formal stuff.
Russia won.
Smalls, Ella and I had fun cheering them on.

He's not bored - it's just that took his flag waving duty pretty seriously and was really interested in the game.

Erin S  – (6:10 PM)  

Your kids are so cute!

Sara  – (10:25 PM)  

No action shots of Rob? Come on!!!

Joy  – (12:01 AM)  

And Rob's fingers are taped together because? Loving your daily blog.

Rob  – (3:26 AM)  

So I don't re-injure the finger I hurt last year.

Andrea J  – (8:13 AM)  

I agree. I like your daily posts. So is P.O.P. worth it?

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