Lorena and Rob

Yep, it's about me and him, too. I like us.
Didn't get any pics today (sorry, Joy, it's Rob's fault) so I'm digging into the archives from November.
Today I timed myself running a mile and it was way faster than I expected, without a serious effort till the last lap when I realized I was doing pretty good. It was 5:53. Almost exactly 6 months ago was the last time I ran at the track and I ran it in 5:55, but it was an all-out race effort (Rob and I were smack-talking and took it to the track. He won.). So, without any special training I improved greatly, considering this was not even close to race effort till the last lap. It means a lot to me because I really like training and goals and now I have one that I think I can do in not too long - beat Rob in the mile and beat my record when I raced in high school. Oh, I love having something like that to work on and smile about.
I told Rob my goal and now he doesn't want a rematch. Haha. But now I've blogged it so he has to. We are a competitive couple and I'm not afraid to admit that my training motivation is going to be run a mile faster than him.
I think running might be more of my thing than biking for these next couple years while my body is a baby factory - easier to do in less time, safer, easier to do while traveling, and events I can do that are nearby. Although decidedly less fun than biking....oh well....you win some, you lose some.

Rob's rebuttal:

I already beat Lorena at a 400m and a 1 mile race.  I don't know why she wants to keep losing to me at running races.  I think we have already established my dominance in these distances.   Granted, if we did anything longer then a mile, my natural speed would probably be over taken by her dogged determination, but that is why I keep the distances short.  Even if I beat her at a 5k, she would probably challenge me to a 10k, and if I beat her then, she would up it to a half marathon.  Eventually we would be doing ultra-distances races, and frankly I don't even like running, so I think I will draw the line at the mile.

AJ Candrian  – (5:14 PM)  

Lorena... that is incredible!

Mike  – (11:19 PM)  

Rob...run long distance? Seriously? He's not the same guy I knew!!!;)

Joy  – (11:22 AM)  

And I was feeling good that I ran a 5k this morning in 31 minutes with the wind...WOW, I'm so impressed! Way to go Lorena.

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