Bä, Bä, Vita Lamm

I often take Michael and Ella to öppna förskolan, the free Swedish "open preschool". It's an open center for parents to come with their baby or toddler. Basically, the babies/toddlers play with the toys and the parents can socialize, there is a music time, and a dining area for snacks. Since almost every Swedish kid starts dagis (the free child-care/preschool) when they are 18 months, it's mostly just crawling with babies (zing!) and Michael tends to be the oldest kid, lucking out sometimes with the appearance of another toddler or two. But, we go anyway because he loves the music and Ella is pretty stimulated by it all, too. Oh, and I get to talk to adults. Adults! Real, live adults! We mostly talk about kids.

Anyway, Michael has learned a lot of Swedish songs through öppna förskolan, and as I see our move to the States (yay!) and away from Sweden (sob!) coming closer and closer on the horizon, I am trying to put everything into a little time capsule. Here he is, singing Bä, Bä, Vita Lamm.

Bä, bä, vita lamm, har du någon ulle-ulle-ull?
Ja, ja, kära barn, jag har säcken fulle-ulle-ull!
Helgdagsrock åt far, och söndagskjol åt mor, och två par strumpor åt lille-, lillebror. Ja! Ja!

Joy  – (10:28 PM)  

Love it! But what is he singing?
(In English that is.)

AJ Candrian  – (9:34 AM)  

That's cute. I like his new summer hair cut. It's 80 degrees here today in D.C. The U.S. will welcome you with open (warm) arms.

Amy Lovell  – (10:41 PM)  

It's so strange to see my nephew singing in another language. I'm kind of jealous! :)

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