Pregnancy Fun Facts
Okay, Rachelle and Lisa, here is the belly post you two have been relentless after.
Some fun facts:
t photo: my belly five and a half months.(Sorry my camera is messed up! I think the blurriness makes it look like I put moose in my hair like girls did in 1992.)

  • *Second photo: my belly just two short months ago. No one actually requested this one but I like looking at it and remembering. It reminds me that I might feel light and springy on my toes again at some point.
  • *weight gain: 16 lbs.
  • *pregnancy symptom at this moment: acid reflux...the burning in the throat and chest...the regurgitation of food (swallowing just doesn't do the trick like it used to)...oh, such fun.
  • *how often I wake up in the middle of the night to eat cereal (or on those extra special nights, tacos/mexican food): 3 - 4 times/week.
  • *Week 20: the first time Rob felt the baby move. I got his hand on my belly at just the right moment.
  • *I can now: visibly see my belly twitter when the baby is really active. It's usually fun, and even sometimes when the kicking is a little obnoxious (like when I am trying to sleep) it still makes me glad to know my little critter is growing strong.
  • *Exercise: generally about 8 hours/week. (For any nay-sayers, it's not only half the volume but also less intensity from what I used to do, I listen to my body, and I listen to my doctor!) I currently mix biking, running, tennis, and a little strength work into my week (low weight, high reps). It usually feels GREAT. Especially during my first trimester it was the one time of day I could find relief from feeling nauseous and listless. A lot of times I wasn't in the mood, but I know myself well enough to know how good it would feel once I got going, and I was right. I've learned so much about all the awesome benefits of exercise for a both the pregnant woman AND her baby from this awesome book called Exercising Through Your Pregnancy - I highly recommend it. There are a lot of misconceptions out there that this book helps debunk - especially the one about keeping your HR under 140 bpm.
  • *Energy level: high again - yay! I used to feel so drained all the time.
  • *Birth plan: natural. I've talked to enough women to feel confident that a natural birth is the option that fits me best (hopefully no complications!). I'm still curious to talk to someone who has had a water birth (anyone out there???). That's still one option out there I'd like to learn more about. I doubt I'll go that path, but I am curious.
  • *Proof of my ignorance about childbirth: I am actually kind of looking forward to it in a strange sort of way. I am fully aware that it is going to hurt beyond belief, but I'm just so curious. And eager for my baby.
  • *Biggie Smalls: the nickname Rob has already started using for our boy. Inspired by a Notorious BIG song.
  • *Mr. C: the nickname I like to use. Rob thinks it's ridiculous (isn't that the whole point of a good nickname? Makes you laugh.) It's from the initials MRC of the baby's actual name.
  • *Things Rob and I have bought so far for the baby: only two things - a stroller/carseat thingy, and a carrier that converts for running/biking/xc skiing. I guess this says something about us. We're probably a bit ignorant, but we like to picture ourselves out and about a lot with Biggie Smalls.
  • *What makes me go gaga: baby clothes. I've already gotten some from some family and friends. SO cute!


Free Stuff?

Who doesn't like free stuff, especially free music? No, I'm not talkin napster, even though napster was awesome while it lasted, not that I used it or anything.

Coldplay - who are probably billionaires anyway so it won't really hurt their bottom line - are giving away a free live album on their website. So enjoy your Friday.


First, that cat is awesome. There are more videos like that, if you found it mildly humorous.

Second, it seems that Pres. Obama and the Candrians have similar tastes in Hamburger joints. POTUS and VPOTUS stopped into our favorite local hamburger place today. We weren't there, and now we probably won't be able to go there forever because it will be super crowded since it was already crowded before this, but if you are ever in the D.C. area (the restaurant is in Arlington, VA) you need to visit Ray's. It is delicious, and not too expensive. And you just might see the president - or the future president if I'm there and Pres. Obama isn't.


Altarum Cycling Team
Check it out - four of my teammates are down south racing in the USA Crit Series opener "Speed Week" - and not only are they racing great but they were also featured in the news.

Some of the team goals that Kate and Dale are referring to is some elementary school programs we are putting on in conjunction with our sponsor, The Altarum Instititute for Health Systems Research. This Friday those of us who weren't out racing at Speed Week went to Payne Elementary School in Washington, DC to show them about bike racing and what it takes to be a pro cyclist. They bought into it like we were rock stars (I'm sure we impressed them with our spandex - we wore our full cycling team kits. I think that my pregnant belly was looking especially impressive in that spandex.) and it made for eager participation as they moved around to our different stations to learn about things like bicycle safety, aerodynamic equipment, nutrition, racing tactics, and strength training. It was successful and fun - the kids gave us a lot of enthusiasm, interest, and energy - but man, kids are exhausting!!! I wrote a full report about the event on our team blog -

Even though I'm missing out on the fun of racing with this great team this year, I'm enjoying staying on with them in a supporting role this year. I went out to team camp last month, and even though my doc asked me to lay off the extreme distances, it was still a blast to go out for half of the training rides with the team for a couple of days. We went out to WV, a mountain climbing cyclist's paradise. It was so rejuvenating to get away from the city, be in the midst of good friends, teammates and bike-talk, and ride up and down and all around in the clean fresh spring air. Those are the best parts about cycling anyway, even if I do miss the competition, lung-searing, and leg-breaking side of it. Since I can't race this year and am just playing a supporting role, I thought up what I always wanted most when I was training and racing hard and offered that to my teammates - post ride massages! I brought my full massage table and did my best to give them what every athlete needs. I'm such a believer in the healing power of a good massage. Plus, Michelle has this team so put together that I can hardly find other ways to be helpful besides just saying "Go Team!". I'm not sure exactly why it is so important to me to stay involved, but I guess I just think it's easy once you get pregnant to ditch everything about your old life, and I don't want to lose sight of the activities, lifestyle, and people that have added to my happiness and for so long. Yes, change is inevitable and I will embrace that, but you still have to stay true to yourself if you are going to be happy. I already have my sights on a baby carrier that converts from running stroller to bike trailer to cross country ski trailer (how cool is that??!). Hmmm....I wonder if I get a dog team of huskies if they can just pull the baby around for me during the winter while I just ski next to them? That would be awesome.

p.s. Thanks to everyone for your great advice in response to Rob's "Baby stuff" question. We need all the advice we can get right now!


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