Pickles Pickles Pickles

I can't stop thinking about pickles. It is almost 11:30 and I have not yet gone to bed because I can't stop this raging debate between my watering taste buds (evil) begging for a pickle, and my brain (good) telling me that it is going to make me feel so gross later. Honestly - I have literally been thinking about pickles for almost 2 hours.
If you haven't caught on yet, this is the delirium I am subject to only during pregnancy.* Back in November, when I was about 2.5 weeks along - well before any test could confirm the truth - I found myself sitting on the couch after having plowed through almost an entire jar of spanish olives, when I took a step back from myself and looked at the scene and went, Omigosh, I'm totally pregnant. I didn't explain that scenario on my first visit to the OB/GYN when she asked about when I first had my first positive pregnancy test and I told her I never took one. But the spanish olives incident was pretty much proof in the pudding (yum!) for me, and of course it's only gotten worse (better?) since then.
The cravings aren't so bad when it's for tacos or whatever else, because I just eat it. But pickles and I have had a rough history where I start and just can't stop until I've downed half a jar. It never ends well. I always end up feeling totally gross with that awful aftertaste for at least 24 hours.
Last month I even wrote myself a journal memo where I made myself write "Pickles are a mistake" ten times with a vow to remember that next time the craving hit. I think I ate 4 or 5 in a row that day and it wasn't good aftermath.
The cool thing about this pregnancy is that food tastes better than it has ever tasted ever. I am constantly proclaiming that this or that is the best thing I have ever eaten, and it really feels that way. The other day it was just a simple artichoke that I wanted to write poetry about. I was still thinking about how good it tasted days later and sincerely asked Rob if it wasn't the most amazingly perfect delicious artichoke he'd ever had, and he went "???????????".
Besides the fact that I spend way too much time thinking about food lately, I think this is one side effect of pregnancy that I can be grateful for. I am not a fan of almost anything else about pregnancy, so I'll take the gift of taste as one little gift amongst the headaches, tiredness, blahness, poor sleep, and nausea.
I have many other thoughts to share, but in the middle of writing this, I broke down and ate a pickle. It was one of the best things I have ever eaten. So I think I am able to go to sleep now. It's sad but true, food is honestly that controlling of me lately.
*The baby is due on August 8 - my Bday!


The Mormon Bachelor

So Rob's sister Andrea was selected to be on The Mormon Bachelor - check it out. Basically, a web version of The Bachelor, and mormon-y, so I'll consider hand-holding a steamy display of public affection.
I think Andrea is awesome in this and I am having so much fun following it all! I'm pretty confident she'll be selected for a date #2 and can't wait to peek in to more of the action....


2010 Favorites

I don't think the first two actually came out in 2010, it just happened to be the year I discovered them.

Favorite Movie - Son of Rambow - Best movie I'd never heard of till I saw it. One of my favs ever maybe. I'd never even heard of it and watched on a fluke on DVR. Wasn't at all what I thought I was getting based on the title.

Favorite Book - The Hunger Games - Once I got to the heart of the story, it was really obnoxious to put down until I was done.

Favorite Music - To The Sea, by Jack Johnson - Love it when I get an album and every single song makes me happy.  


I feel so out of the loop sometimes way out here in Sweden and have missed so many good books, movies and music during my years here. I need some new stuff and want your recommendations! Even if it hasn't come out recently, give me a good book, movie, music, whatever. But yes, I have heard of Avatar, even out here it was hyped to the ridiculous proportion that it actually hit my radar. Thanks!

Here is a great picture of Smalls, for your viewing pleasure. He was trying soooooooooooo hard to make it; you should have heard his grunts.


Winter Sport

I really can't wait for the summer, but in the meantime, I am making the most of the mounds of snow and having plenty of fun with it.

The best part is XC skiing. I can start from my front door and be in this beautiful hilly forest in under 10 minutes. I love it! It's the best full-body workout there is and so much fun too.

We do as the Swedes do and pull Smalls around to places in the sled. He thinks it is the best thing ever and likes to drag his hand along in the snow for added fun.

A little sled ride down the hill that is our "yard".


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