Grandparents Visit

It's not too often that your parents go on a mission and that means you end up getting to see them more often, so we feel like we won the lottery with their assignment to Helsinki. They got to come visit us last weekend and the novelty of getting to play tour guide in such a beautiful city still has not worn off on me. It was a great time!


Toilet Paper

Somehow I feel like this discovery is like the official marker for entry into toddlerhood.

(He found it in my nightstand drawer. What is t.p. doing in my nightstand drawer? I ran out of tissue. You can take the girl out of the ghetto, but...)
I cleaned up the mess and threw it in the trashcan, of course. About 10 minutes later I had some other distraction and came back to find this:
Secondary evidence of an emerging toddler is the other classic favorite activity:
It was not that long ago that I took this picture, but for the life of me I can't remember why he got away with this bare-naked. A little dangerous for poor innocent Clifford The Dog.


Games with Dad

Here is a cute game Rob likes to play with Smalls:They are not dressed alike on purpose. We're pretty cute and all, but not that cute.


Technologically Advanced Toddlers

I am posting what is truly a boring lame video unless you look at it through the following lens:
this was taken by a 2 year old.
My nephew Samuel apparently got hold of my camera, without ever having used it or being taught how to turn it on and make it shoot a video (you have to push a special button to start and stop it) or anything. We simply found this surprise gem on it when we got home. What is it with kids these days and technology? Rob and I were cracking up when we watched it.

Glen and Maren, this is for you. Life through the lens of your 2 year old.

Favorite parts: when he says "remote" and later when he pauses on the Steve Madden game.


Turning 30

Last week I turned thirty. I didn't think much of it, or I should say I didn't think that I thought much of it, until I looked in the mirror after getting ready for church and realized I was dressed like a girl. I had on:
a] purple leggings. I have not worn leggings since the 80's, and certainly not purple ones.

b] a pink floral dress I have not worn in years and I'm sure I bought in the juniors department way back when.
c] hair clips I have definitely not used since I was 20.
I am sure my attire was not a coincidence even though I certainly did not enter the day consciously wondering what I could wear to make myself not feel like such an honest-to-goodness-really-for-real-now-adult.

Maybe it's because Rob was singing that song "the old gray fru she ain't what she used to be, ain't what she used to be, ain't what she used to be" all that week to me.
He made up for it by having a surprise birthday party and cooking up a really great BBQ and strawberry shortcake (my favorite!) and then even cleaned up.

Here is a little clip of the song they sing for birthdays in Sweden. The story line of the song is like this:
May she live till 100 years old.
Yes surely she will live till 100 years old.
And when she lives till 100 years, then shall she be shot in a wheelbarrow.
Or something like that.


More Vacation Pictures

Since Rob did the last post about the Candrian side of our summer vacation, I guess it is time that I posted a bit about the Davis side!
We loved getting to have my brother Troy and his fun family out to visit us in Stockholm in July.
Here are some pictures from their visit:

(Troy had a talent for finding many signs like this.)

And here are some of the only pictures I took while we were in Utah. I guess when I have times in life with too many great moments all at once, it's too much and I pretty much just bag picture taking and blogging all together.
In addition to Amy's wedding and everything Rob posted about, it was fun getting to see my old friend Missy, playing tennis with Kelly and meeting her cute baby Ollie, and mountain biking with Craig.
Here are a few with my family at Park City taking the lift up for the Alpine Slide. It was so great to get together with most of my family - although we really missed you mom, dad and Garth!


Starting from scratch

Rob called down to me from upstairs tonight, randomly wondering what I would do if he shaved off all of Smalls hair. I paused for a brief moment to conclude I would probably just laugh and he could do whatever he wanted. Maybe it will turn out better with a fresh start. 

Bald is beautiful.
Like father like son.L


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