Little Grommet

Okay, he's not exactly surfing yet, but ya gotta start somewhere.
I'm always a little nervous when Rob takes him out on the board, thinking he needs to be a little more careful. But I took him this time and I'd say I definitely did a worse job.

No picture of the wipe-out but I think his face tells the story. This happens every time but he still always wants to go again the next time. He rocks.


Best Date

When my parents came to visit, there happened to be surf on the weekend. So Rob and I had our first chance since moving here to go surf together. After a while my parents came down to the beach with the kids to watch and be amazed (which I say sarcastically, but since they are three and one, they actually really do think we are studs). It's been a few years since I last went surfing and it made me feel young and vibrant and in love. It was the date that keeps on giving, because I've been stealing opportunities to go a lot more since, and it gave me the confidence now to go on my own.
Best date!

I am so drawn to the ocean and yet I also have this mysterious fear of it as well. I am not worried about shark attacks or anything truly scary. It's just the idea of emerging my body into this mysterious unknown environment with fish and bottom dwelling critters and seaweed and such. Anyway, it is funny how much I LOVE being out in the open water considering I'm also freaked out by it. I'm the equivalent of a claustrophobic who just loves hanging out in closets. But little feels so life-giving as getting tossed around by the waves, and every now and then actually riding one. I'm trying to take full advantage while we are lucky enough to live so close. Well, as much advantage as a mother of two young kids can manage.



Ella the last few days -
1. Happily playing in the backyard, poking around in the dirt, she looked up at me for a second to exclaim "bird!". Then "bird dead!". Not what you want to hear from your kid playing in the dirt. And, yes, it was a dead bird she'd been poking around in and her hands were gooey from the guts, as well as some locks of hair. After I bathed her, I went to clean up the bird mess and there were maggots all over underneath. My stomach almost came out my throat. But she hasn't gotten leprosy yet so I think we're okay. Oh, yeah, and this was all while I was watching five young kids at my house, just in case I was feeling bored.
2. Last night I found a live worm on the kitchen floor, courtesy of the girl in the dress, I'm near certain.
3. Today Ella brought new meaning to the classic toddler favorite of playing in the toilet. I found her, literally, IN the toilet. Splashing her feet around, happy as a lark. I almost took a picture but then realized that she'd probably take away the message "cute" instead of "disgusting". So no pic. But she was pretty cute. And disgusting.

But she has also recently taken to saying "I love you, mommy" all throughout the day. So she pretty much makes life perfect.
The Salad Spinner is one of the best toys in the house


Pillow Talk

I was standing by the baby monitor tonight, just as Ella belted out in song "Lead me, guide me, walk beside me, help me find the..............................................................   Mickey Mouse. Haha. Laughing. Funny." So it looks like she got the Candrian gene of thinking she is hilarious.
I couldn't help but eavesdrop some more as she went on listing more Mickey Mouse clubhouse characters, animals and animal sounds, and then moved on to a list of her favorite fruits. I guess this is what a 1.5 year old thinks about as she falls asleep. Kids talking to themselves is seriously entertaining stuff to me and I'm guilty of having the baby monitor on at night simply to eavesdrop on her bedtime chatter.


Camel Farm

More pics from Jordan.

On a related note, last week we played Candy Land and guess who won? Emerson. Michael's imaginary friend. The real one lives in Jordan. Ever since our trip there, Michael loves to play a game called Border Patrol where he drives around the house and then stops at me and shows his passport and answers a series of questions. The only obnoxious thing about the game is that he really likes to mimic reality and wants to pass 5 different check points before he is "in Jordan" to play with his friend. Then it will be bedtime and he tells me he has to go through five more check points to come back home. My, oh, my. My solution has been to let him have lots of sleepovers with her.


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