It's just too easy to get a good laugh with this guy around.


The kid has taste

Michael was rocking out to this video this morning. He was captivated. I have decided to add the Muppets to the list of TV shows he will be allowed to watch. The list now includes any Sports (except gymnastics and ice skating), the news, and the Muppets.


Puppy Too
This little puppy was Rob's favorite toy when he was a kid. It was named "Puppy Too" because anything that Rob did or anywhere he went, he always asked "puppy too?".
So it's really cute to see Michael making pals with the same worn, threadbare stuffed animal.

Just these last few days Michael has become really alert and curious. I feel like he is really paying attention to me now and learning. It's so much fun!
His favorite, most alert place is still the changing table. It is supposed to be good to give his little bum air time (to help w/diaper rash) and he loves having his diaper off, but he is so amusing during these times that I sometimes go a little too long playing with him like that and it can get messy. Last night was his most alert, curious, giggly, fun time yet, and it cost me TWO diaperless pees and TWO poops. Each time I thought, "well, now he has it all out of his system so I am safe." I should have known better. You are NEVER safe around a baby without a diaper. It's funny how quickly you get used to this as a mom. I think by day three of Michael's life I was already thinking of pee as nothing more than water mixed with a little love.
I am sooooo glad we have hardwood floors and not carpet!


A weekend with the Smalls.

Here are some more pictures of everyone's favorite baby: Biggie Smalls aka Michael Robert.
(watch out, I will karate chop you if I wake up)

This weekend we took a little road trip to go meet Michael's new friend, Chewbacca aka "Chewy." Yes we are going to get a dog and we are probably insane, but that's okay. We won't pick him up until after Christmas, but we got to go meet him on Saturday. He is going to be our Christmas Present for the family. So finally, 23 years after I asked Santa for a dog (and that Christmas I got a crappy race car set that was missing pieces - merry Christmas to me...), I will finally get my pooch.

Michael keeps getting bigger and more interesting. He doesn't cry as much as he used to, but he still prefers to be on the move. That means, when we are at home he likes being held while we bounce on the exercise ball. So double bonus: we get an ab workout and he is happy.

Today we listened to Abbey Road and danced around to make him happy. Never too young to get him liking good music. So far he is a fan of Jimmy Buffett, Jack Johnson, Coldplay, and the Beatles. He is indifferent to Huey Lewis and the News, but I will keep trying.

At church, he was looking very dapper.

Then he pee'd on himself and didn't have a shirt to wear anymore.


Happy Halloween
Thanks for the cute pumpkin pirate outfit, Lisa and Abby! Peace homies...


A visit from farmor, farfar, and Mays

That's swedish for Grandma, Grandpa, and Amy. Okay, not Swedish for Amy, we just call her Mays.

Last week my parents and Amy came and visited. We did not realize how much help they would be. Just having someone else to hold Michael when he was being a pill was the best part. This made us realize that everyone who has a kid with family living nearby is cheating!

Besides hanging out with Michael we went and did a few touristy things. Here are some pictures.

We saw the changing of the guard at the royal palace.

Everyone came and visited me at work

We visited Drottningholm, where the royal family lives.

And my mom took about 1,000 pictures of us with Michael. But this first one is one we took of Her holding him, right before he peed on her.

And they were also able to be here for Michael's blessing. He was rocking the same outfit I had when I was blessed a mere 30 years ago.

Three generations of Candrian men

And finally, a few of us mocking Michael when he cries.


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