One of my favorite things about where I live is the really really close access to many great running paths and trails. Another really great thing is that there is a nice track just down the street as well. I've almost always neglected it in favor of the trails, but recently I'm rediscovering my love for the track and hard intervals. Going hard in short bursts just feels so stinking good. I just love getting into that "hurts so good" zone with intervals. And since my goals are silly little ones, I love not really caring enough to go into the "hurts so bad" zone.

My run tonight had me getting dinner on a bit late. In the meanwhile, Smalls munched on some crayons. There were red and brown bits all over, so I think he spit them all out.

Same child told me today that he wants to ride a motorcycle.

Same child somehow ended up face down on the hardwood stairs today. Luckily not hurt too bad.

Ella. My dear little Ella. My sweet, peachy, good-natured, lovely little princess Ella is, well, still all those things. But also driving me batty. I don't think it is her cold - it's mostly better. I don't think it is teeth - I see no signs of them. It is much, much worse. It is an emerging will. Du-du-dum. She is getting a will. She is realizing she can move, that she can explore things, that she has desires other than milk. And today she had desires all day long. She's so interested in everything that she won't nap as much as she needs either. Any minute I was not directly involved in entertaining and walking her around and loving her to pieces, she was whining. Intervals of attention and fun no longer cut it. Dang. She's still lovely, but I guess whenever she is exceptionally needy it always throws me off guard. She's supposed to be the easy one.

Brittany  – (7:11 PM)  

Just when you get used to them being one way and would be content with it forever, they change on you. Gotta love it.

Ella's sudden interest in moving reminds me of James. He didn't have any desire to move until about 7-8 months and then he rolled all over at 7, crawled for about 3 weeks and when that wasn't enough, he took his first steps at 9 months and has been moving non-stop since then.

I hope once she figures it all out she'll go back to being your little cheerful princess. :)

Amy Lovell  – (4:12 PM)  

Oh, the things I have to look forward to in the next few months.

KellySummer  – (4:20 PM)  

ha! first of all your family pic up top is so so cute. second of all, henny is totally the easy one too and yesterday she had like 10 minutes of fussiness and i was convince she was sick. than i realized, um, 10 minutes of non-perfectness is probably normal. :) I can believe the difference in difficulty between Ollie and Henny, and only part of Ollie's problems were my fault. :)

KellySummer  – (4:22 PM)  

i meant i "can't believe". i need to proofread my comments before i post them. but since i don't really think before i talk, i guess its appropriate to post before i review. and then of course i analyze my words after they are said...sometimes a little too much...i need to reverse that order...

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