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Something I really enjoy about my life right now is the time I get to spend with the Young Women in my ward at church. I've been a youth leader since we moved to Stockholm and the time I spend with them is inspiring and entertaining.
Anyway, today our class topic was "Arise and Shine Forth". Since "being nice" was mentioned as a way to shine, we tried to solidify that idea a little and it got me thinking about specific people who have "that thing they do", like their trademark way to be nice.
And it got me thinking of
- my friend Michelle, who is always sending nice notes and postcards to people. I just got a postcard from her a couple days ago, in fact. She must send out hundreds every year, I think.
- my mom who is always baking things and cooking dinners for other people.
- Rob who is so good at staying in touch with his family and friends, so good about giving that call regardless of whether he gets the calls in return.
- a friend in high school who was the hugger. Always hugging everyone and they were seriously great hugs that made you feel so warm.
- my friend Anna who is just the friendliest person alive and just chats with anyone and everyone. She is the type who will make best friends with the person sitting next to her on a plane. One of her new friends is someone she met because they work at a store she shops at. Seriously.
- Rob's mom who is always crafting and creating and then giving it away, either to family or friends or charity.
- my Grandma McKee, who always remembered birthdays. She had 9 children and I can't even remember how many grandchildren because the number is over 70 and I've lost track of cousins long ago....but anyway, when she was alive, she remembered all of us, plus friends and others. So I figure she must've averaged several birthday cards and presents every single week. She wrote in her journal that her first thought every day was to find someone she could serve. Wow.

Anyway, the point of this list was just to get me thinking about different people and their trademark things, to try to find and develop more of one in myself. One of my "things" is massage - I think it's great and I like to share that healing touch with others - but that would be a pretty creepy thing to share in the broader sense outside of my nearest. So my current thoughts are on finding a "thing" that can be shared more broadly.

I'd love to hear about it if you have a good trademark thing you do!

RachelAA  – (7:55 PM)  

I love this reflection.

Amy Lovell  – (9:29 PM)  

I need to be better at that, toom, I always think everyone is far nicer and better at being a good person than I am!

FYI, you're welcome to give me massages ANYTIME you'd like. :)

Joy  – (10:15 PM)  

What a great way to reflect on this subject. I think I'll make the same observation in my journal.
Lorena, one thing you do that's really great is you write the most thoughtful thank you cards. I really appreciate this act of gratitude. I also love the creative things you're doing with my grandchildren.

Rachelle  – (12:20 AM)  

My trademark thing is not running bad drivers off the road who so obviously deserve it. I know. I'm a saint.

I love your daily blogs! All are wonderful!

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