Christmas 2010

Here is a random compilations of videos we took on Christmas.

Funny story as follow up about Michael saying "Jesus" - I was so impressed with how well Michael could point out Jesus in any random picture. At church all over the walls he can see a new picture of him in any context and happily proclaim that it was Jesus. But, then we were at a pool the other day and in comes a man with long hair, a beard and moustache. You can already see where this is going. Michael points and excitedly proclaims "Jee-sah! Jee-sah!". The guy totally notices and smiles, so then Michael vigorously tries to wiggle free from us to go over to the man (as we hold him back, laughing), excited beyond belief to see him in the flesh.


It's been cold and snowy

While I haven't give up on commuting by bike, mother nature hasn't been making it easy.
Sweden is apparently in the middle of the coldest December in 100 years!  Global warming - ha!  My usual 20-25 minute ride without snow has been taking about 40-45 minutes with snow.  Oh well.


Christmas Spirit

This is why I love Anna and Jeff.
If I had thought of this first, maybe I would have sent out family picture Christmas cards this year.


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