The Obama's Dog...

(L to R: Portugese Water Dog, Labradoodle, Goldendoodle)

Just so we can set the record the straight, Lorena and I have been talking about getting either a portugese water dog, a labradoodle, or a goodendoodle for way longer then the Obama's have.

FACT: WE SET THE TRENDS, OKAY? That's just how it is. If the Obamas have somehow recognized how cool we are and want to copy us with their canine choice, then I am okay with that. Since I will one day follow in his footsteps and be president, he can follow in ours and get the same dog.

But, just in case there is a total pooch-catastrophy, and the Obama's try to steal the name of our dog too, we wanted to get this onto the internet, proving, that we have claim to the name Chewbacca (Chewy for short) for our dog. So if the Obamas get one of the above dogs and then name him Chewy, and then a few months later we do the same thing, they are copying us, not vice versa.

Is it a bit pathetic that we have already picked out and named our dog, and we won't even be able to get him until we are in Sweden? I guess it isn't too weird, since I already have the names of our kids picked out, even if Lorena doesn't 100% agree.

P.S. There is a super rare fourth breed that might make the cut: the Barbet. Although he is French, and we don't want a wussy dog, but maybe he would be cool French, like Zidane, Henry, or Cantona.


Final Damage:

$5,000 to fix! Thank you insurance.


On the Bright Side...

At least I didn't do this to my car...



Utah 31 - Alabama 17
On Friday night I had the pleasure of watching my alma madre, the University of Utah, finish off an UNDEFEATED season in college football by beating up on the Alabama Crimson Tide, the former #1 team in the nation, in the Sugar Bowl in New Orlteans. Because of previous Christmas vacation commitments, my trip to the Big Easy was a bit hectic and short (I was only there for about 16 hours!) but it was well worth it. Although they probably won't win the national championship (thank you BCS), they can proudly say that they are the only undefated team in the country.

I don't think, in my entire life, I have ever been nervous at a sporting event before. But even when Utah jumped out to a 21-0 lead, I still couldn't shake the feeling that there was no way they were going to beat Alamaba! I know, I'm a bad fan. I think it was because this is the first time I had ever shelled out real money and travelled to a major sporting event where I had a vested rooting interest. (Although, thanks to my friend Shane Cannon, who's company is a sponsor of some alumni events, we had free tickets - which saved me a lot of cash!)

This was the view from our seats. We were right on the 50 yard line, but pretty high up. It didn't matter - since we had a great view of the field. We were surrounded by a lot of Alabama fans, and they were pretty hilarious. They were talking a lot of trash before the game, but they were pretty good natured and didn't get offended when we talked a little back. I think one family was trying to do their part to save the economy through the consumption of stadium nachos. Others were definitely trying to save the economy through the consumption of stadium beer! I have to say, I have never seen a group of fans (those for 'Bama) that were more into and critical of their team. It was crazy. They were booing after Alabama's second series! People were calling for Saban to be fired at half time, and he was the National Coach of the Year! But to be fair, after the game they were really polite and everyone we saw, either at the stadium, walking back, or taking our brief walk down Bourbon Street, cngratulated us on the win, and said what a beat down it was. I read somewhere that the New Orleans police said that this was the first year they hadn't seen fights break out between fans, either before or after the game. So, that's cool.

I don't really have anything else to add, except that I'm really happy that I went, even though I wasn't there very long and I had to be at the airport at 6a.m. the next morning to fly home. Being in DC, this was the only Utah game I was able to attend this year, and I have to say I think I made a good choice! Although since the Utes went undefeated, everyone who attended a Utah game saw a victory!

While I doubt that the Utes will be voted #1 in the country (like they should), it is still pretty cool that they were the only undeated team in the nation.

Now if only I hadn't come home to see that someone hit my car...


On Open Letter to the Anonymous Idiot that Hit my Car While We were on Vacation:

Thanks for being so awesome and honest and leaving a note after you hit my new car, which is what a decent respectable person would do. The car only had 300 miles on it, so I guess it was due to be damaged. I'm sure I was somehow responsible, since my car was in a parking space, parked and all, in a parking lot, far away from other cars so this exact thing wouldn't happen. But you didn't let my clear culpability stop you from doing what was right. Way to take responsibility for your own actions - you are a great example to us all. You are a person of high moralistic integrity. This world needs more people like you.

Oh wait -

You didn't leave a note.

You suck.

Instead, it looks like you tried to sweep away the broken pieces of my beautiful new car.
Alas, your attempted cover-up wasn't quite as successful as you may have hoped.
Just a little FYI about attempting to remove/destroy evidence, since I don't have much faith that the next time you hit someone, you will actually take responsibility:
1. Just because you swept the pieces of my tail light and bumber to the curb, doesn't mean that I wouldn't see them. Next time, if you are going to make the effort to cover up what you did, try harder - you know - like maybe picking up the pieces and throwing them away or something?
2. Just because you tried to sweep away the pieces, doesn't mean that I wouldn't NOTICE THAT YOU HIT MY CAR. It's quite apparent.
3. Simply sweeping away the pieces didn't remove the green paint that your vehicle left on mine.

I would post a picture, but I am too sad.

P.S. A happy post about the Utes victory in the Sugar Bowl (which I attended) will soon follow.

P.S.S. I think it was the garbage truck, but my apartment is checking the camera. Hopefully something is on tape.


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