Blue Eyes

She is so, so, so lovely in every way. I can't get enough.


More Ella pictures (and one of Smalls)

Because that is what the people have demanded!


Sleeping some more

Hi Ella.

Michael, taking a walk down memory lane...


Ella: World; World: Ella

Here she is...

Yeah, she kinda looks like an alien.  But a cute little alien.  (fyi I think that most babies look creepy,  please don't kill me for saying so). 

Funny story for all of the grandparents, relatives, and those with kids already (if you don't have kids and aren't related to us, you will think this is just another one of "those" stories that people with kids tell.   I remember, before having kids, hating blogs where all people did was talk about their kids.  Now look at me.):  When I brought Michael to the hospital this morning to meet Ella, he was really excited because he got to ride an elevator up to Lorena's floor.  Smalls loves elevators and escalators.  He could ride them all day.  Over and over and over and over...Anyway, walking down the hall to the room, I was trying to tell him about how he was going to meet his sister, and all he could think about was riding the elevator again.  He kept saying "elevator, elevator."  When we brought him into the room, we took him over to look at Ella and I told him to say "hi" to his sister.  And Michael, in a really sweet voice, walked over to Ella and said "Hi.  Hi baby Ella."  And then the moment ended, and he reverted to form and said "Elevator?" and wanted me to take him back to the elevators.


Hello Ella

Ella arrived at 7:05pm on 18 July 2011.  Both the beautiful little girl and her beautiful mother are doing fine.  Pictures and stats tomorrow.


ABC 123

Michael is a hoot at this age. I am finding it especially funny when he says things to me that I have not taught him. For example:
"Daddy hates Teletubbies."
Then a couple days later he tells me "Michael hates bunnies."
Yesterday it was "raisins gross!", as he was happily devouring them. I still have no idea who the source is on that one. Rob and his Boo-pa both deny it but I smell fish.
Another funny thing I hear way to often for my liking: "nervous" or "mommy nervous". I know to rush over as soon as I hear it because it always means he is doing something a little dangerous.
If he finds something interesting, he shows it with a deep, throaty "Whoa! Whooooooooooooaaa! Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaa!" He went on like that for an entire bus ride once, to the amusement of plenty of passengers.
His affirmatives can be pretty hilarious too - he is always sooo eager to do things. For example, asking if he wants to go on the swing can be met with a long, enthusiastic reply of "Kay. Okay. Yeah. Alright. Do it. Try it. Kay. Alright. Do it."

This is certainly a time when I wish I could capture a hundred different cute things he does on video, but I'll consider myself lucky to have caught these couple tricks. He is even more obsessed with letters and numbers now that he has seen himself saying them on video. Now he usually skips straight to 18 19 20, or WXYZ because he's learned that is where the wild applause comes in.


Fun with Boo-Pa

Big Michael came to visit little Michael for the week.  Both Michaels where in heaven.  Smalls doesn't even know what to do, now that his "Boo-pa" (Michael's name for his Grandpa) has left and gone back to his house.  He is confused because Lorena and I won't do everything he tells us to.  Boo-pa would, so why won't we?  Boo-pa brought him some cool gifts (not pictured: licorice and potato chips) like a Giants had and some sunglasses.  He also took him on walks, took him to the beach, went on a boat ride, and generally did whatever Smalls wanted to do.  Smalls was pretty sad when he woke up from his nap on Saturday and realized that Boo-pa wasn't there to be his buddy.  It was even sad for us (not just because we had a free babysitter for a week, but it was sweet to see how much Michael loves his grandpa and vice versa.)  It was a lot of fun having him here, and we can't wait until he comes back out with Grandma in two months to meet Ella.


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