Thank you, meltdown.

Today I was 15 min. late on my parking receipt, and as I walked out to the car there was an officer standing right there ready to write me up. But, *hallelujah!*, Michael was having a major crying fit and Ella was still in the stroller and it was pretty easy to play up the situation to his sensibilities. So, for perhaps the first time ever, I was grateful for Michael's meltdown.
Not that we have to pay tickets here, per se, but we at least attempt to be good citizens anyway.
It would be a pretty sleezy thing to do, to get my kids to cry on purpose as a means to escape possible future tickets - but it's hard to not to just think of the possibilities. I had a friend get out of a speeding ticket once just by saying she really really had to use the bathroom. So many possibilities. 

Brittany  – (6:40 PM)  

I got Brian out of a speeding ticket over Christmas by telling the officer I was trying to make him hurry to get me to a restroom (which was very true). I was obviously pregnant at the time but the officer looked over at me and said "Yep, you look like you are due any day now. I'll let it slide this time."

Rachelle  – (10:53 PM)  

Love it! Once I got out of a ticket from talking on the cell phone while driving by saying I was calling my sister to watch one of my kids while I took my really sick one to the dr. Such a bad lie (you lived in DC at the time) but he let me go! Thx for being my scapegoat!

Amy Lovell  – (12:24 PM)  

Hmm, I'm going to have to remember to use some of these things to my advantage. Kids, they serve so many purposes! :)

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