If this wasn't so incredibly hilarious, it might be a little amazing. I think my feelings regarding this are probably somewhat akin to how a competitive swimmer feels about synchronized swimming.

$25 Dining Cards for $10.
And it's legit - just read the terms (like minimum purchase of $35, gratuity, etc).


New York, New York!!!
Okay, it's a little late now, but here's a few pictures from our trip to NY.

Before the women's US Open final, we watched the wheelchair tennis finals going on in a court right outside the stadium. It was pretty amazing how well they could play from their seats.

Brittany and Brian

I haven't lost my fascination with the long-legged guys at carnivals. When I was a kid I used to think they were actually that tall. Plus, they didn't creep me out like the clowns. But I'm still afraid I'll knock em over if I get too close.


The US Open: Rob Candrian vs. Pat Cash

Rob decided to get his sister Brittany and her husband Brian tickets to the US Open tennis final for their wedding gift (a good excuse to get tickets for us also), so we headed out to NYC for the weekend. But we got a lot more than just the show down between Henin and Kuznetsova. There was an exhibition game afterwards with the retired pros Pat Cash and Todd Martin. So as soon as Henin won her trophy and many people left, we worked our way down from the very tip top seats in the stadium to the first row seats for the exhibition match. (I like to think I grabbed Donald Trump's seat, but who knows or cares.) Since it was retired pros, they probaby felt a little goofy about taking this game too seriously, so they alternated between competitive tennis and totally goofing off. The crowd joined in their comical antics with occasional jaunts (Come on, Venus can serve that fast!). After one error, Pat went over to a boy in the audience and handed him the racket to play for a point. After Todd and Pat resumed play and Todd hit the the ball out, Rob jaunted loudly "Come on, the boy could have done that!". (Even thought the stadium is huge, it is as silent as a library while they are playing - so any comments, even from afar, are heard crisp and clear by all in the entire stadium.) So Todd looks out amoung us to find who made the comment, looks at Rob and was basically like, "oh, yeah? Then let's see what you can do!". So Rob actually got to go out on to the stadium court (which is only used for a total of two weeks the entire year, solely for the US Open) and hit a few balls with these guys.
And leave it up to Rob - he missed both serves!
Luckily, I got it on video, so he can't refute that one. (Although while filming, I'd thought he made the shots.)
It's a little hard to tell what is going on - but notice that before Rob's serve, he decided to make fun of Maria Shirapova's serve, which got the crowd laughing. After he walks off, it's a little hard to tell, but some guy taunted "the kid was better!", and then Todd Martin makes fun of Rob by acting like he is failing a sobriety test - because he thinks that Rob is drunk for some reason. He joked a couple of times saying "make sure he doesn't get the keys to drive home." Anyway, we were just all stoked that Rob had the chance to hit a few balls on one of the most renowned tennis stadiums in the world (perhaps the biggest?).


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