Ella is officially half.
Although this picture was taken when she was 4 months.
In general, she is just my happy little angel baby. I always say that I would like to order 5 more just like her. I would happily have Irish twins if I knew it would be another of her breed. (But I can't put in orders, so don't anyone get their hopes up.)

First taste of food, yummy Swedish corn porridge
Ella 6 months

Ella wakes up happy.
She goes to sleep happy.
When it is time for sleep, if she doesn't fall asleep nursing then I can just set her down in her crib, give her a kiss, and walk out of the room. She might happily chirp for a few minutes and then fall asleep.
Since she was 3 weeks old, she would usually only wake up to nurse once in the night (barring vacations, jetlag and colds).
When I get her in the morning she greets me with a big smile and raspberries.
Sometimes I catch her staring at me across the room and she gives me the biggest grin. She'll do that to pretty much everyone, smile hugely at them if they look her way.
She just started trying food this week and she is so happy about it that sometimes she actually giggles while I feed her.
She loves to blow raspberries. Michael is jealous of this skill and gets frustrated trying to copy her (although he was equally good at her age, so apparently it is a lost skill).
She just has the sweetest presence. Everyone loves her to pieces. She is turning into a mama's girl, and I often enjoy hogging her, so it is a pretty symbiotic relationship.
She seems really smart to me, although I have nothing to say for evidence.
She has beautiful bright blue eyes and she looks just like her pops.
She doesn't take a pacifier but sucks away happily at her first two fingers (funny, she mirrors the same ones Michael sucks).
One of the more difficult times I've had with her has been adjusting back to Sweden's time zone after spending two months in the States. That's NINE hours change from California. She didn't adjust very quickly (and I am terrible at adjustment) so I was as much a zombie as when she was a newborn...maybe more. So, the fun story from all this is that the second night we were home I accidentally BRUSHED MY TEETH WITH HER DIAPER RASH CREAM! It's as gross as it sounds. Turns out that a tube of Desitin and a tube of Sensodine look almost exactly the same, and should NOT be stored in the same bathroom drawer. At first when I tasted the grossness, I thought that the toothpaste had gone stale after all that time I was gone. I was pretty tired. Also, I was doing it in the dark. But then it was just too nasty and I checked out the tube and started some pretty intense spitting. The thing about diaper cream is that it has all this zinc oxide that is meant to stick and not come off. So I felt it in my mouth the next day or two. The silver lining is that my mouth is rash-free and I have a great idea for April Fools.

Six months has happened incredibly fast with Ella. I am trying to decide if it is because she is so easy going or if it is more that she is a second child. Who knows. One thing that is definitely a second child syndrome is that I don't think I have posted a single boring video of her, whereas I have like 50 boring videos of Michael. Well, we must change that. In commemoration of her turning half, here we go. (Although Michael still tries to steal the show.)


Happy New Year

Happy New Year from the Candrians. 
We are enjoying our time at the beach for another few days before we return to Sweden.   I'm sure once we get back home we will actually have some blog posts documenting the Christmas and New Years festivities.


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