Lorena, if she had been a beauty contestant...

I found this on another blog. It is funny. Unless you are part of the 20% of U.S. Americans that she is talking about...And, yes, that is A.C. Slater hosting.


Non-fiction Comic: House hunting in the greater DC metropolitan area.


The Brits....

A friend sent me a link to this article. I thought it was hilariously true... Plus if you try and read it with a British accent, then it's even funnier.
The Truth about Clubbing


Cambodia and Bali
Rob was stoked about getting to fly around the world...but to me all that means is the craziest jet-lag ever and watching way too many B-movies on the flight. Thankfully it was a cool enough trip to make it all worth it.
Okay, I think our pictures pretty much show it all, so I won't write more here.
Click on the picture below to see some of our photos I posted from Cambodia. Clicking on the photos on that site will show the caption and an enlarged photo.


And click on this picture to see more photos from Bali.

Oh, here are some comics strips I made (while waiting forever at the airport) of a few things we didn't get pictures of. My drawing skills may have reached their peak sometime around 2nd grade.
The first two captions are self explanatory - an illustration of the irony of a few of our shopping trips. The next two panels (can't figure out how to format it better) are more irony of Rob's words while we were getting hoarded by kids trying to sell us stuff at the temples.

This last one is of the monkey that almost made me jump to my death off the roof of the Angkor Wat temple, all so that Rob could get a picture of me next to it.


UTAH TRIP: July 2 - July 15
ob and I had a great time visiting friends and family in Utah this July. I left a week before him for a reunion with all of my siblings. We really missed Mom and Dad, as well as Rob, Lisa, and Adam...but we didn't let that stop us from having a great time together. Our time together was spent with the usual Davis activities - lots of sports, fireworks by Pyro-Troy, game nights (including many rounds of mafia into the late night), hiking to Donut Falls, plenty of time in the pool, etc. Of course it wouldn't be a true family get together if someone didn't get sick, and I took my turn this year.

Click on this picture of to see all the photos in my album from the trip.

Davis Kids reunion

The next week was spent with Rob's family, busily preparing for his sister Brittany's wedding. She had a beautiful wedding and a gorgeous reception (despite the blazing heat - of course it was the record hot day for the year) in the garden center of Le Jardin. She and Brian were glowing with happiness. It was a really nice day. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of her wedding yet, or I would post some.

We also got to visit with some good friends....Kelly, Andrea and her cute daughter Kate, Mike, Sarah, and their cute boy Max, Scott Rice, another Scott (last name?), Craig, and Peter.

nother highlight of this trip for me was going mtn biking at Sundance resort in Provo. I love that place. It is where I did my first race ever and fell in love with mtn biking, so it was a lot of fun. The bad thing is that this is the day I started getting tendinitis in my knee...and now over a month later it still hasn't gone away. Cut my racing season short and I have to stay off my bike now. BUMMER! I brought my bike all the way out there and between getting sick the first week and my knee problem, didn't end up getting out to too many trails after all, and missed the races. I've yet to go a full race season without getting it cut off by an injury!


Around the World in 11 days!

Lorena and I just returned from our trip to Southeast Asia, complete with flights that took us around the world. We visited Lorena's parents in Cambodia, and then spent five days in Bali. It was an awesome trip. As soon as we find the right cord, we will try to post some pictures. I'm sure Lorena will write a better summary of the trip in the next few days.


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