So last week I went to work out late at a time I don't usually go to my gym. I went to the spin room, in a remote corner of the building, put on my headphones and did my workout. Oblivious to anything else. Oblivious to the fact that the entire building had been shut down while I was spinning. I opened the spin room to a completely dark, empty, shut down gym. It was a really odd feeling. I almost felt criminal for being there still, as if I had broken in or something. Well, then I tripped off the alarm system and then definitely felt like a criminal. I booked it out of the building and revved my Suzuki away full speed. I held my breath the next day when I went to the gym, but they didn't say anything, so I guess I'm not on America's Most Wanted list just yet.

Other fun this root canal. I remember my dad referring to anything that he didn't like as being "about as much fun as a root canal." Had to do taxes? As much fun as a root canal. Had to work late all week long? About as much fun as a root canal. Well, this talk made me VERY uneasy about the whole operation. So uneasy, that I actually sweat as much from anxiety during the root canal as I would from an afternoon run in the summer. It was actually a little embarrassing when I stood up and realized I was covered in sweat, head to toe. The root canal really was about as much fun as a root canal. Floss daily kids.


Support Bro. Heder

Let's be honest. This looks funny.


Snow in the 'bu???!!!

So who would have bet that it would snow in Malibu before it snowed in Washington D.C.? Not me.


Adios Dunleavy!!!

Finally, the Warriors get rid of my least favorite player.

Warriors and Pacers trade

Now it is only time before they begin their domination of the Western Conference.


Lorena's New Bike = Rob's new???

So Lorena got a new, lighter, faster, cooler, bike. She said it was justified because she rides all the time. I figure, since I have to drive a lot, I should be able to get a new, lighter, faster, cooler, car. What are the chances that I am right?

Okay, maybe not, but my birthday is about two months away. So, I figure if everyone who reads this blog gave me about $35,672 dollars, I would have enough. And what a happy birthday that would be. And what a bargain that would be to read these wonderful entries.


So This Is Love...lalalala
Here I am with my new Trek Madonne 5.9 wsd, sub 16 lb bike. I'm quite enamored with it. You would not believe how light and fast it is (well, I guess the fast part will depend on me...). Working at the bike shop is the best thing ever, because A) it makes this incredible bike affordable, and B) no one comes in in the winter, so I just get to work on my bike the whole time.


Snorting Meatloaf and Other Fun With Fine Food
Deciding to write in a blog makes me realize how unblogworthy (I own the rights to that word) my life is. We went to a really wild New Year's Eve party where we ate fine food, played Trivial Pursuit (wild!), toasted Martinelli's (more wild!) at midnight, then promptly drove home (wildest!)to go to bed. We went to the Potomac School winter party at the National Portrait Gallery where we ate fine food, checked out the museum, then promptly drove home and went to bed. We had some friends over Saturday night where we ate fine food (Bertucci's Pizza is about as fine food as you get, according to Rob. And I must agree), watched reruns of Earl and The Office, and went to bed.
Actually, this routine keeps me quite happy. A lot of good times are had around fine food. In fact, the time I laughed the hardest all week was during a fine meal (can meatloaf count as fine food? Probably not, but this one did turn out quite tasty, I must say. I'm probably still patting myself on the back as you read this). Rob was commenting on how great my dinner was and said, "you know what that deserves.........." (he let the comment sit for a while, building up my anticipation), and I'm like "Oooooo, what??!!" (I'm easily excited.) And he says with pride, "A ten minute swap". (Minutes = back massage minutes in our works like currency in our home.)
SWAP??? Yes, swap. For all my efforts, he would be willing to swap time with me. Well, it made me laugh my head off for about ten minutes straight. The kind of laughter where you through your head back and laugh so hard you accidently snort your meatloaf right up your nasal passage. Which hurt so bad that I laughed even harder. At some point, (after I snorted my meatloaf?) Rob must have figured out the absurdness of his "generous offer" to me because, in the end, he didn't make me swap. He can be so thoughtful.


Here are some fun links for wasting time. Thank you Youtube:

and my personal favorite:

Enjoy. Mahna Mahna.


Winter in D.C.

So it was 70 in D.C. today. It was 62 in Malibu. Okay, so there is no beach here, and it's supposed to be back in the 30's by Thursday but we will take what we can get.

P.S. Al Gore - Global warming is awesome. Basically it is a win-win for everybody. The weather is nicer, and even if the polar ice caps melt, who cares? It just means that there will be new ocean front property, property that I might be able to afford. In fact, I think global warming should be encouraged. So please stop complaining about it. Also, don't run for president again. That would just be embarrassing.


One word...AWESOME:


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