Påskfjäder = Easter feathers = a Swedish Easter tradition I will be taking home with me. I'm really drawn to the natural materials, and while nothing beats fresh flowers, there's something big to be said for stuff that doesn't wilt. You see them everywhere here, and on Lidingö they put them in the street island pots, looking bright and cheerful.
The feathers are sold in stores with little wires, or you can buy a bouquet of påskfjäder at flower shops as well. Smalls had fun helping gather the branches and wrapping the wire around the feathers, which is probably the main reason I finally made it for the first time this year.

Joy  – (12:07 PM)  

Love it! Good job.

Rachelle  – (8:29 PM)  

Very striking! And those are good looking sticks too. I love the dark color in contrast with the pastel feathers. When you are old you are going to have so many amazing traditions from all over the world!

Carin  – (4:10 AM)  

that's it, ur practically Swedish now!! xx

d  – (6:19 PM)  

I love it! -dayna

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