Rotmos, or "root mash" is a food I've discovered in Sweden that I really love and wonder why it's not more popular in the States. At least I'd never heard of it. It is flavorful enough to eat without gravy or tons of butter and cream, and it is definitely more nutritious.
I just ate it today again today for lunch at a cute little cafe (from the 1700's!) Långängens Gård and thought it would be good to share. I was adventurous and ordered grissidan - literally, the side of a pig. I didn't think it was too big a deal considering I've eaten plenty of pork. But as I was digging into my third bite I noticed that the outer layer seemed a little hairy. Closer inspection. Yes. Hairy. I ate a hairy, fuzzy, pig. I sort of lost my appetite for it and really dug into that rotmos.
So, here's all it is - you just do like you do for mashed potatoes, but add in other root vegetables with the potatoes - carrots, parsnips, turnips, sweet potatoes, swedes (rutabega)...whatever. Experiment. Make sure they are all boiled till soft, add some butter/olive oil, salt, and pepper, and mash em. Yum! I think adding a sweet potato gives especially good flavor - and I NEVER like those before (never cared for that marshmellowy yam dish at thanksgiving, and I think that was my only previous run-in with sweet potatoes).

Since moving here, I've also really come to like sparkling water and beets.

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