Did it!

Yay! I officially completed my blog-a-day for a month goal. Accomplishing a goal feels so good, even if it's a silly one. I'm glad now that I finished it. Even if there was a certain level of pointlessness to it, there was also growth in trying something I wouldn't have done otherwise. I have a funny relationship with blogging because self-disclosure feels embarrassing to me, but I am fascinated by it. Plus I'm really, really big on introspection, and writing really helps with that. For every blog post there are 500 other thoughts and often things I end up just writing in my personal journal. It's not so much for the record keeping (there is way to much of it to ever sift through!) as it is a mental exercise - keeping myself accountable to my own self. It's great for practicing positive thinking - because negative thinking is pretty obvious when it's in writing. So when I blog and journal, I find that I analyze myself and my thoughts even more - which is good for growth but also annoying. 
But, at the very least, it probably helped me buy a few less things off of Amazon this month.
And hopefully it's helped a little with staying in touch with my lovely family and friends.
Ciao for now!
I'm sure I'll be back soon anyway, just back to a slower pace.

Amy Lovell  – (10:41 PM)  

Feel free to keep this goal up for another month or two...

Sara  – (5:55 PM)  

I've loved reading these and it makes me want to set the same goal (although this isn't exactly the best timing right now!). Completely agree with how the writing helps to joggle thoughts and ways to do things differently or the same, or your attitude about the whole thing. Love it.

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