Nike Air Jordan IV

This was Rob's birthday present this year. It was all he wanted. 
When it comes to shoes, Rob and I definitely have role reversals from the stereotypical norm. 
He has way more shoes than I do, and knows/cares about what is in style much more than I do. He says he has wanted this pair of Nike Air Jordans since 1989. In 1989 I think I was still pretty stoked about Payless canvas shoes. The Nike Air Jordan IV shoes been out of production and just got re-released in February, and were sold out online within 10 minutes.
 Today he got a new pair of Toms in the mail. He ordered me some, too. He's always helping me out like that with my shoes and wardrobe.  

Brittany  – (7:18 PM)  

Don't trust Rob on everything! :) Toms may be in style but they are mostly in style among American teenagers. That said, yes, I do own a pair. Because I am also clueless when it comes to fashion, I got them before I knew mostly high schoolers wore them. However, they are some of the most comfortable shoes I own, so I don't care.

AJ Candrian  – (8:17 PM)  

I would never in a bazillion years ever guess Rob would like Toms. I don't even own a pair... and I like to think I'm fashionable. But Toms? Really? Rob... I am shocked. There's a certain type of person who likes/wears them... and I wouldn't ever say Rob is that person. I really think you ought to take a picture of him wearing them and send it to me. I'd really be interested in seeing this. :)

Joy  – (1:15 PM)  

Sorry, Rob gets his obsession for Nikes shoes from his father.

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