Turning 30

Last week I turned thirty. I didn't think much of it, or I should say I didn't think that I thought much of it, until I looked in the mirror after getting ready for church and realized I was dressed like a girl. I had on:
a] purple leggings. I have not worn leggings since the 80's, and certainly not purple ones.

b] a pink floral dress I have not worn in years and I'm sure I bought in the juniors department way back when.
c] hair clips I have definitely not used since I was 20.
I am sure my attire was not a coincidence even though I certainly did not enter the day consciously wondering what I could wear to make myself not feel like such an honest-to-goodness-really-for-real-now-adult.

Maybe it's because Rob was singing that song "the old gray fru she ain't what she used to be, ain't what she used to be, ain't what she used to be" all that week to me.
He made up for it by having a surprise birthday party and cooking up a really great BBQ and strawberry shortcake (my favorite!) and then even cleaned up.

Here is a little clip of the song they sing for birthdays in Sweden. The story line of the song is like this:
May she live till 100 years old.
Yes surely she will live till 100 years old.
And when she lives till 100 years, then shall she be shot in a wheelbarrow.
Or something like that.

Brittany  – (8:06 PM)  

The description of your outfit made me laugh. I'm going to carry on your new "tradition" and find the most girly thing I own when I turn 30 in 6 months.

Oh, I also loved the video of Rob and Smalls. I've quickly discovered that I will do almost anything, even something I never would have considered a few years ago, to get my kid to laugh.

Joy  – (11:15 AM)  

Love the translation of the Swedish birthday song!

Well, you may have found the youngest outfit you have but you looked adorable even though you are now soooo old!

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