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Since Rob did the last post about the Candrian side of our summer vacation, I guess it is time that I posted a bit about the Davis side!
We loved getting to have my brother Troy and his fun family out to visit us in Stockholm in July.
Here are some pictures from their visit:

(Troy had a talent for finding many signs like this.)

And here are some of the only pictures I took while we were in Utah. I guess when I have times in life with too many great moments all at once, it's too much and I pretty much just bag picture taking and blogging all together.
In addition to Amy's wedding and everything Rob posted about, it was fun getting to see my old friend Missy, playing tennis with Kelly and meeting her cute baby Ollie, and mountain biking with Craig.
Here are a few with my family at Park City taking the lift up for the Alpine Slide. It was so great to get together with most of my family - although we really missed you mom, dad and Garth!

Mrs. Anderson  – (1:53 PM)  

Ok seriously, it doesn't put a knot in anyone else's stomach to see those boys in the lift without an adult. Ahhh, I'm freaking out over here!!!!!

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