Technologically Advanced Toddlers

I am posting what is truly a boring lame video unless you look at it through the following lens:
this was taken by a 2 year old.
My nephew Samuel apparently got hold of my camera, without ever having used it or being taught how to turn it on and make it shoot a video (you have to push a special button to start and stop it) or anything. We simply found this surprise gem on it when we got home. What is it with kids these days and technology? Rob and I were cracking up when we watched it.

Glen and Maren, this is for you. Life through the lens of your 2 year old.

Favorite parts: when he says "remote" and later when he pauses on the Steve Madden game.

Davis Doings  – (2:20 PM)  

Hilarious! I got such a kick out of this. I knew he was pretty computer savvy, but I didn't know he knew how to use a camera too.

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