Saturday Shabbot

Day 4 - First Saturday church for us today. I like that we are going by local custom and not married to Sunday for Sabbath, but still, it feels weird having it on the first day of the weekend. Israelis have their weekend on Friday and Saturday, and that probably makes better sense but we have to keep the work-week in line with Washington, DC.
Anyway, we got to go to the BYU Jerusalem Center for district conference. It overlooks Jerusalem and we could see The Western Wall and The Dome of the Rock right there from our seats. It felt extraordinary. 

Afterwards was a sack lunch on the veranda and we heard the chant of prayers blaring through loud speakers from a nearby mosque. It’s pretty cool being somewhere so different from home for this tour. At the moment, at least.

Brittany  – (1:06 PM)  

Oh I am jealous that you have been to the BYU Jerusalem Center. That is so awesome. I am so glad you all made it there safely and that you have awesome neighbors to help you settle in--that's an awesome custom. I have so much I want to ask you and so much to say but I'll wait and hopefully we can skype soon.

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