Happy 60th, Old Man.

My Dad turns 60 today.  What an old man.  For his 60th birthday I took him and his namesake to some Giants games.  Unfortunately, we somehow forgot to take a picture of all three of us at the games - probably an unforgivable sin to my Mom.  Oh well.  I'm sure it wasn't the last time that 3 generations of Candrian men will hang out at McCovey Cove.  Whenever I ask Michael who his most favorite person is in the whole entire world, he either says "Boo-Pa" (his nickname for my Dad) or "Daddy and Boo-Pa."  Either way, it's a good answer. 

So here's to another 60 years of Giants games and being your grandsons favorite person in the whole entire world (you are pretty high on my list too). 

Happy Birthday Dad.

Amy Lovell  – (11:06 PM)  

I love that you guys went to San Fran together, and I love that old man of ours!

Joy  – (12:03 AM)  

Tears - that was so sweet and I love both photos!

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