Moving Day 1

Sept. 5
Day 1 - I should be raving about our flight, because we all got business class seats (even Ella!) and they were more like the first class ones I’ve seen – with the whole pod thingy and seats that recline completely flat to a bed. We actually got some sleep and it was awesome. BUT we had to do circles in the air for an extra 1.5 hours on the first leg, and then sit on the plane waiting to leave for 3 hours on the second leg. And not even my futuristic-pod-bed could distract me from boiling over that . For THREE hours they were saying we would be leaving momentarily. I was seriously ready to hand Ella over to a flight attendant and tell them to keep her happy while they kept telling us to buckle up without going anywhere. The anger melted once we finally got into the air, but I’m so glad to have that flight behind us.

Boarding the plane at JFK to Tel Aviv was when it really hit me for the first time where we are going. There were several orthodox Jewish men in full attire. I noticed that it made me feel a little intimidated, like I am moving to a place where I will be very different from those around me. In Sweden I felt like I was a Swede. Anyway, I ended up chatting with one of the Jewish men in orthodox dress, and it really set me at ease how easy he was to talk to, reminding me that we are really very much the same. It even got me thinking that in some ways, as a religious Mormon, they might understand certain aspects of me better than the stereotypical secular Swede.  Anyway, the end of all this thought is that I am operating on the premise that we all have a lot in common. Duh.

Joy  – (8:16 PM)  

I love that both of my grandchildren are sucking their fingers...interesting perspective.

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