Tjur Ruset (The Bull Run)

Last Saturday I ran in one of the most fun races ever, Tjur Ruset.
We ran through rivers, streams, ponds, swamps, mud, marshes, man-made obstacles, a motor-cross course with tires and pipes, over dumpsters, etc. It was a muddy, messy, freezing mess.

It was supposed to be a 10k, but then I guess the course ran a little long (I heard someone say 11.5k), and then out of the 5000 participants, of course I happened to be in the group of about 40 women who went off course and ran around for an extra 2k or so. So my total was something more like 13k. They had the ladies run first, and the race leader missed a turn and everyone just followed blindly until we knew something went wrong. Somewhere behind us someone must've had their head up and gotten everyone else back on track, because then by the time we made our way back there were hundreds of women ahead of us.

In a way it was kind of nice because 1. I was having a really fun time, so I really didn't mind the extra distance. 2. It messed up the arrangement of faster to slower, and since it was trail running it was difficult to pass. This meant that I was usually slowed down and didn't have to endure the physical discomfort of pushing myself. When it was impossible to pass, I just enjoyed that aspect guilt-free! 3. It was probably safer to go at a relaxed pace anyway. There was one section probably about 1.5k long through a freezing cold marsh (anytime I tried to pass people and went off the beaten path, I was cracking through a thin layer of ice). So, after about 15 mins or so of running through ice-water, you could not feel your feet and when we hit solid ground again everyone was falling over. I twisted my ankle a bit but it never hurt or swelled, I suppose because it was already frozen anyway. But the point is, I was glad to take it easy until I could feel my feet again. I think if I hadn't already thrashed my time by going off course then I likely would have injured myself in that section. 4. It is mentally nicer to pass than to be passed.

I don't have any actual pictures of myself, because I was a mean-ol' wife and told Rob not to come with Smalls and cheer me on. Smalls had been rather cranky and whiny for three days straight and I just wanted the time to relax on the car ride over, all to myself, listening to the radio and singing along and being free.

Getting muddy from head to toe and wearing yourself out is really, really good for the soul.

Who's coming to do this with me again next year? So far I've got Rob, his dad, and I'm working on Krista. Who else? Bueller? Bueller?

AJ Candrian  – (9:37 AM)  

Looks fun. (actually, it looks cold, dirty and miserable) I'm going to pass.

Joy  – (11:44 AM)  

I'll stick to a maximum 10k ...I don't like ice water or getting my feet wet or getting muddy but good for you! At my age, I can be picky about my runs! I'll watch my grandson so you can enjoy it. Will you deliver him to his grandmother?

Amy Lovell  – (12:04 PM)  

You know I'm in. Just tell me when and I'll be sure to save up my money! Looks awesome.

Dana Broderick  – (2:07 PM)  

WOW! That looks like FUN! I'm in...just need a plane ticket...and to leave 4 kids somewheres.

Rachelle  – (8:59 PM)  

Okay, I have beef with this post. How come we talk at LEAST once a week and things like this are never brought to my attention? I'll ask what's up and this awesome race never crossed your mind? This is not the first time and it just confuses me how this is not pertinent news - it's so cool! Good job on the race; it sounds like fun!

Sara  – (10:36 PM)  

I DON'T RUN but would be tempted to for this one. Cool race. Very fun.

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