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The killer thing is that you just never know how they are going to turn out.
I had this idea for us all to dress up as something Swedish. Rob - the Muppets Swedish Chef, Smalls - a swedish king (perfect since he is "King Baby"), and me - Pippi Longstocking. I was browsing the internet for ideas on how to put these costumes together and many pictures I saw of Pippi really got me going on the idea. But then I came to one that now has me scared that perhaps this is not a costume for adults. Scroll and see. I am laughing so hard, but considering I might do it anyway, I should probably cry.
darling as can be


Amy Lovell  – (9:56 AM)  

HAHA, that's hilarious. You know, I was Pipi a few Halloween's back. It was actually the last time I ever dressed up for Halloween, I think it was my junior year of college. Do it!

Anna  – (1:02 PM)  

It looks like Pipi is also a pirate? I don't get it?

guerry girls  – (6:09 PM)  

I loved Pipi Longstocking! Have one of the movies and its good but not the old "70" one that is so much better! and of couse they dont make it any more! and cant find it! read a few of the books to the my girls and they loved it also!

Dana Broderick  – (3:51 PM)  

LOL!!! Oh man! Last picture got to funny! I can't wait to see your costume. Post pictures!

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