Early Winter

Ironically, I took this picture the day after my "Fall" post. 
I'm going to take pictures of the beautiful, white winter. I will take Smalls out for all sorts of fun in the snow and cold, bundled up in our appropriate gear to make any outing possible. I will get excited about the ski kit conversion to the stroller. But truthfully, this is a "fake it to make it" thing. I'm a California girl who totally misses her flip-flops. And mexican food, while I'm at it.

Amy Lovell  – (4:33 PM)  

Snow already just isn't right. I'm a Utah girl, and I still struggle with snow.

RachelAA  – (10:27 PM)  

Haha I love your honesty :) And yes, how are people supposed to live without Mexican food?

Joy  – (11:57 PM)  

Too cold for me! I bet sliding in the snow is fun especially in his warm clothes.

Hone  – (6:32 PM)  

I miss the snow. I would trade you places in a second. It is too hot here in Thousand Oaks!!

Also your kid keeps getting cuter!

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