My Shadow

I saw my shadow at the mall today.
She was pushing a stroller, but there was no baby in it. She was carrying the baby while the stroller just served the purpose of a cumbersome accessory. She made my day.
I am a baby-carrying, empty-stroller-pushing mom the majority of the time I go out with The Smalls. We pass a lot of strollers every time we go out, and almost invariably there is a child in it. Strange how that works. As I juggle holding my baby while pushing his empty stroller, sometimes I point out the other baby-carrying strollers to him and how cool the other babies look hanging out in their strollers. But he's just like, so what? I'm not into being trendy and don't you go try putting me down in that thing again or I will sound the alarm.
I see those baby-carrying strollers everywhere and I wonder what that must be like.
Bless that woman in the mall with her non-trendy baby! For some reason it felt really, really nice to see another woman with the same breed of baby as mine. I wanted to invite her to lunch to talk things over. Instead we just smiled.

Andrea J  – (11:30 AM)  

Kate was the same way, I always loved having the empty seat to put stuff though. Strollers can be so handy.

Rachelle  – (12:03 PM)  

My first thought was that your next baby is going to be a breeeeeeeeeeze!

Joy  – (12:51 PM)  

Too funny! Poor Lorena...a hand full of a little boy!

Sara  – (1:00 PM)  

Max was the SAME WAY. Impossible unless the stroller was cruising at warp speeds outside on a walk. All kids are definitely not the same - I've been surprised at how content Alexis (usually) is!

Davis Doings  – (8:45 AM)  

Smart boy! Who wants to look at everyone's legs walking by?!

Anna  – (1:49 PM)  

You wax poetic even when you're not trying!

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