Smalls and I decided to party it up while Rob was away for business and went to visit the grandparents in Helsinki. As illustrated by the way Michael is hanging upside-down*, it's hard-core partying when my parents are involved.

We saw cool buildings, ate kabob, visited their mission office, and watched the city fill up with drunken madness as the Finns celebrated May Day. Smalls saw cool new walls he could scratch, ate his fingers, visited two older people who smiled at him a lot, and watched as the city filled up with shiny metalic balloons as the Finns celebrated May Day. It was like the best luck of his life when he was staring at a big cluster of balloons a street vendor was holding, and then a strong gust of wind caught them all and blew them right into the stroller, inches from his face where he could just reach out and touch them. Even Mother Nature doesn't want to hear Master Smalls whine.

*This seems to disable Michael's whining mechanism. Since this discovery he spends a lot of time upside-down. It's good for healthy brain development.

AJ Candrian  – (3:36 PM)  

Cute picture! I hear you broke down and cut Michael's hair... too bad, that kid was stylin'!

Mrs. Anderson  – (4:32 PM)  

You guys are brilliant parents - find what works and stick with it!! LOVE this picture.

KellySummer  – (4:52 PM)  

love the new blog makeover and love the upside down disabling whining bit. ill have to remember that as you are just a couple months ahead of me. :) also, ollie loves to eat his hands also...can't quite find his fingers yet...just eats the whole thing.

Amy C  – (10:45 PM)  

Your kid is a nut and I LOVE him. I seriously can't wait to see you guys in a few months...I might be more excited for that than my actual wedding...haha!!!

Sarah Smiles  – (11:53 PM)  

Adorable picture! You have awesome parents!

Sarah Smiles  – (11:54 PM)  

Do you remember me? I was Rachelle and Maren's roommate. Maren is my sister. I got to your blog through Rachelle's blog.

Sarah Smiles  – (11:55 PM)  

You have a very handsome baby, by the way!

Sarah Smiles  – (11:55 PM)  

Love the new picture to title your blog as well.

Rachelle  – (10:14 AM)  

When I see your baby I am going to eat him up! He is just tooooooo adorable. You're so lucky you got to visit mom and dad!

Anna  – (4:57 PM)  

I can't get over how crisp your photos are!

Joy  – (12:03 PM)  

Missing the little boy...can hardly wait until July to play with him!

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