So I competed in my first duathlon yesterday. Basically, a triathlon for people who aren't swimmers. Run-bike-run instead of swim-bike-run.

It was fun, although about 100 times less fun than I used to have road racing and mountain biking racing. But, as a trade off, it was also about 100 times safer. So I guess I consider that sort of trade-off more at this point in my life when I have a baby who relies on me every minute of every day. It was also almost within spitting distance of my house, which was great because I could be at home nursing Michael one minute and on the course warming up literally the very next. Nursing always makes me super relaxed (or drowsy to be more exact) and that was a nice way to ensure a really calm start. Although then I found it difficult to really find a very competitive spirit. I wonder if I will ever feel that competitive drive and passion again like I used to. I mean, it was fun, I tried, and I did well, but I just couldn't get myself to care too much. I was hoping that a race would magically fire me up again.
Afterwards, we met up with some friends at their parent's summer house in the archipelago. It was beautiful! Rob reveled in the chance to put some more time on his paddle board, as well as had the chance to try out wind surfing (verdict: tricky!).

Andrea J  – (4:48 PM)  

I'm glad that somethings never change - like you sporting double braids and lookin fly in some shortie shorts. It has been my experience with a less than one year old that that particular year is different than other years, meaning if your drive isn't quite what it used to be it might surprise you when he's two or four. That first year is just something unique.

jena wise  – (6:45 PM)  

that sounds perfect - the swimming is what has always made me shy away from doing a tri.

you look awesome, as usual. glad the race was fun. and i'm sure that you + 1/85 of your old drive = still pretty darn good.

Sara  – (11:48 PM)  

You look awesome! Sweden looks a lot like Minnesota. Bummer we are going to miss you when you come out to Utah!

Joy  – (11:15 AM)  

Those are Incredibly beautiful photos of Sweden. I especially love that smiling little boy! Glad you got to experience racing once again - in a safer way. What was the cabin like?

Anna  – (11:57 PM)  

Next winter I think you should try out the biathlon scene. It's perfect for people with a huge VO2max and exceptional eye/hand coordination. Oh, and nice necklace!

Anna  – (11:57 PM)  

Oh, and The Smalls gets cuter every day.

Anna  – (11:58 PM)  

You've really gotta tell me what kind of camera you have. All your photographs are so sharp!

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