So last week I went to work out late at a time I don't usually go to my gym. I went to the spin room, in a remote corner of the building, put on my headphones and did my workout. Oblivious to anything else. Oblivious to the fact that the entire building had been shut down while I was spinning. I opened the spin room to a completely dark, empty, shut down gym. It was a really odd feeling. I almost felt criminal for being there still, as if I had broken in or something. Well, then I tripped off the alarm system and then definitely felt like a criminal. I booked it out of the building and revved my Suzuki away full speed. I held my breath the next day when I went to the gym, but they didn't say anything, so I guess I'm not on America's Most Wanted list just yet.

Other fun this root canal. I remember my dad referring to anything that he didn't like as being "about as much fun as a root canal." Had to do taxes? As much fun as a root canal. Had to work late all week long? About as much fun as a root canal. Well, this talk made me VERY uneasy about the whole operation. So uneasy, that I actually sweat as much from anxiety during the root canal as I would from an afternoon run in the summer. It was actually a little embarrassing when I stood up and realized I was covered in sweat, head to toe. The root canal really was about as much fun as a root canal. Floss daily kids.

Mrs. Anderson  – (8:22 PM)  

I can't wait until they review the gym tapes - Lorena, what a classic!!! As for the root canal, can you believe my eight year old nephew has already had one - CRAZY!!!

Lisa  – (9:06 PM)  

Oh man you know that tape will show up one day when you least expect it lol. Oh Garth has had so many root canals he can't count anymore. I would rather get a RC than a filling.

Snow Crew  – (1:02 AM)  

Sooooooo hilarious. You are the best person I know at tuning out the rest of the world to be at peace in your own. What a great quality. That must be why you are never scared.

p.s. I forgot to mention that your hot a** also helped you get into the pro slot.

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