Snow Day!!!
Snow days: the best thing about living in DC. We got about an inch of snow last night, a wee little fall that is already mostly melted away, and that was enough for all the schools here to either be canceled or get a two hour delay. It doesn't take much here. My students love to talk about the time in a past year when school was canceled 24 hours in advance due to an impending storm. The storm never happened, and in fact it turned out to be a relatively nice day, but everyone still got the day off. I can't wait for that to happen! Gotta love DC. Take that Utah! It was soooo lovely to sleep in today.

So this week I got a VO2 max test. It is the coolest thing ever to someone who gets all worked up over biking, fitness, math and science. Hmmm, I won't go on too long about it, but this link on VO2 max explains it well if you are interested. It's pretty interesting, really. The cool thing is that this test gives you all sorts of interesting data and graphs, which can be analyzed to tell you exactly how to optimize training. I now know exactly how many calories I burn based on my heartrate, so I can properly fuel up. I also now know exactly how hard to ride on different days to work on different aspects of training, etc. Some people just like to go ride their bike, or go do a workout, but I LOVE to work with the numbers and basically treat my body like a science project.

Rob wants me to write that the US beat Mexico 2-0 in soccer tonight. He's very excited. He put on his US soccer jersey before coming to the couch to watch.

Mrs. Anderson  – (11:53 PM)  

Your snow day was like my fire day last year. It's always nice to have a little reward like that - although I no longer know what it is like to sleep in :( Lorena you totally inspire me to work my butt off. This test must be SO helpful. And Rob, I think you brought the team a good aura! Way to go Rob!

Snow Crew  – (8:11 PM)  

I agree, Candris - cool picture. Also cool that you got your VO2 max score, because it is probably the highest in the universe or something. コメントの投稿!!!

And another thing, このブログに匿名で投稿することはできません。

But don't forget さんは書きました.

That last one is most important.


Mrs. Anderson  – (10:33 PM)  

Garrett you are a riot.

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