So This Is Love...lalalala
Here I am with my new Trek Madonne 5.9 wsd, sub 16 lb bike. I'm quite enamored with it. You would not believe how light and fast it is (well, I guess the fast part will depend on me...). Working at the bike shop is the best thing ever, because A) it makes this incredible bike affordable, and B) no one comes in in the winter, so I just get to work on my bike the whole time.

Mrs. Anderson  – (11:29 PM)  

You make an adorable couple!

Mike  – (3:36 PM)  


I'm so jealous! I'm more on the "lose 10 lbs off my gut" instead of the lose 10 lbs off my bike" plan. It's cheaper!


Johnny  – (11:15 AM)  

I challenge you to a duel! I will shoot at you while you ride away on your bike. I think my bullet will win because you are a sissy!!! Ha-Ha!

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