Snorting Meatloaf and Other Fun With Fine Food
Deciding to write in a blog makes me realize how unblogworthy (I own the rights to that word) my life is. We went to a really wild New Year's Eve party where we ate fine food, played Trivial Pursuit (wild!), toasted Martinelli's (more wild!) at midnight, then promptly drove home (wildest!)to go to bed. We went to the Potomac School winter party at the National Portrait Gallery where we ate fine food, checked out the museum, then promptly drove home and went to bed. We had some friends over Saturday night where we ate fine food (Bertucci's Pizza is about as fine food as you get, according to Rob. And I must agree), watched reruns of Earl and The Office, and went to bed.
Actually, this routine keeps me quite happy. A lot of good times are had around fine food. In fact, the time I laughed the hardest all week was during a fine meal (can meatloaf count as fine food? Probably not, but this one did turn out quite tasty, I must say. I'm probably still patting myself on the back as you read this). Rob was commenting on how great my dinner was and said, "you know what that deserves.........." (he let the comment sit for a while, building up my anticipation), and I'm like "Oooooo, what??!!" (I'm easily excited.) And he says with pride, "A ten minute swap". (Minutes = back massage minutes in our works like currency in our home.)
SWAP??? Yes, swap. For all my efforts, he would be willing to swap time with me. Well, it made me laugh my head off for about ten minutes straight. The kind of laughter where you through your head back and laugh so hard you accidently snort your meatloaf right up your nasal passage. Which hurt so bad that I laughed even harder. At some point, (after I snorted my meatloaf?) Rob must have figured out the absurdness of his "generous offer" to me because, in the end, he didn't make me swap. He can be so thoughtful.

Mrs. Anderson  – (4:29 PM)  

I can't imagine how long it took you to then finish your meal!! You guys are such dorks - love it!

Jena Wise  – (6:59 PM)  

Hey! I love your blog - you might feel like you don't have a life, but trust me.... you don't have kids, so you still have a life. Good to hear you guys are doing well. And the weather there - so by the end of the week it'll be like Northern CA? Yeah, cold.

Johnny  – (10:37 AM)  

Actually, it sounds to me like the food is good, but the bed must be the best. Are you really trying to advertise your sex life? Tst-Tst.

Lisa  – (9:02 PM)  

Ha HA haHA ha HA HA You are so funny. Ok I love u tube Late at night I look funny baby things and crack myself up than Garth cracks up watching me.... All our love LISA

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