Lorena's New Bike = Rob's new???

So Lorena got a new, lighter, faster, cooler, bike. She said it was justified because she rides all the time. I figure, since I have to drive a lot, I should be able to get a new, lighter, faster, cooler, car. What are the chances that I am right?

Okay, maybe not, but my birthday is about two months away. So, I figure if everyone who reads this blog gave me about $35,672 dollars, I would have enough. And what a happy birthday that would be. And what a bargain that would be to read these wonderful entries.

Mrs. Anderson  – (11:11 PM)  

Rob, If we were close enough to enjoy it with you, we would TOTALLY donate - tough luck :(

Snow Crew  – (12:48 PM)  

Since we haven't been posting enough on your SWEET new blog (it's blogalicious, and we own the rights to that word), I am going to catch up right now.

1. Yes, meatloaf is fine food, I hope you got it out of your nose by now, and Rob was right to swap after you laughed at him. How rude!

2. Nice bike! I think it is lighter than my laptop. But I am not jealous, because my 1994 Cannondale is in a crate in some govt warehouse somewhere and I might get to actually ride it again one day.

3. Rob totally deserves a lighter, faster, cooler car. I am backing that up, too. I left my check for $35K for you in a safe deposit box in a DC bank. Just go get it. Oh, and when you go, take a gun.

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