Here are some fun links for wasting time. Thank you Youtube:

and my personal favorite:

Enjoy. Mahna Mahna.

Ryan  – (8:49 PM)  

Well Rob, how come there arnt any pictures of you and me on the blog. You know, like that one of us holding hands, or the one of us having that wet towel fight (man, I can still feel the welts). Anyway, I just feel like more of your blog should be dedicated to me. You know. By the way, I sent you two free tickets to the "gun show." Lorena already has a season pass. Late, Ryan

Bonny Brae  – (7:20 PM)  

i'm so glad you guys are blogging - it's really quite a bit of fun.

and can i say i love the old sesame streets. esp because we listen to 35 years from the street in the car ALL the time.

mahna mahna is one of esme' and bruce's faves.

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