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More pics from Jordan.

On a related note, last week we played Candy Land and guess who won? Emerson. Michael's imaginary friend. The real one lives in Jordan. Ever since our trip there, Michael loves to play a game called Border Patrol where he drives around the house and then stops at me and shows his passport and answers a series of questions. The only obnoxious thing about the game is that he really likes to mimic reality and wants to pass 5 different check points before he is "in Jordan" to play with his friend. Then it will be bedtime and he tells me he has to go through five more check points to come back home. My, oh, my. My solution has been to let him have lots of sleepovers with her.

Joy  – (8:54 PM)  

Oh the games your children are learning to play are ones that only the rare children in the USA would even think of...actually I really don't think any children here would think of those games. I can hardly wait to meet Emerson. Amy use to play with Jenna P. & she finally drew a picture of her so we could see what she looked like...ha ha!

Davis Doings  – (7:10 PM)  

You are such a smart mama...having lots of sleepovers:)! We miss Michael and can hardly wait to see him again.

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