Best Date

When my parents came to visit, there happened to be surf on the weekend. So Rob and I had our first chance since moving here to go surf together. After a while my parents came down to the beach with the kids to watch and be amazed (which I say sarcastically, but since they are three and one, they actually really do think we are studs). It's been a few years since I last went surfing and it made me feel young and vibrant and in love. It was the date that keeps on giving, because I've been stealing opportunities to go a lot more since, and it gave me the confidence now to go on my own.
Best date!

I am so drawn to the ocean and yet I also have this mysterious fear of it as well. I am not worried about shark attacks or anything truly scary. It's just the idea of emerging my body into this mysterious unknown environment with fish and bottom dwelling critters and seaweed and such. Anyway, it is funny how much I LOVE being out in the open water considering I'm also freaked out by it. I'm the equivalent of a claustrophobic who just loves hanging out in closets. But little feels so life-giving as getting tossed around by the waves, and every now and then actually riding one. I'm trying to take full advantage while we are lucky enough to live so close. Well, as much advantage as a mother of two young kids can manage.

RachelAA  – (6:17 PM)  

What a way cool experience and hello, I can relate to your feelings on the ocean 100%

Joy  – (7:51 PM)  

Love the photo of you and Rob & the surfboards.

Amy Lovell  – (8:43 PM)  

I'm jealous of your lives. I hope you know that!

d  – (5:03 PM)  

Go surfmate go! well actually I haven't surfed since Japan so I really think you are going solo on this one!!

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